F1’s ultimate playboy ‘bonked his way through 33 BA stewardesses’ in two weeks

Known as Formula 1’s ultimate playboy, former driver James Hunt ‘bonked his way through 33 British Airways stewardesses’ in just two weeks, according to a report from Mail Online. Hunt was known for living the high life while away from the track, and the Surrey star even continued his playboy lifestyle in the week building up to the ‘biggest race of his life’.

Despite only driving on the F1 circuit for six years, Hunt is regarded as one of the top British racers to take to the track after winning the 1976 world championship ahead of the great Niki Lauda. Hunt headed into the final race of the campaign in Japan with the title still firmly in the balance.

The McLaren man however did not prepare how many others would, and instead carried on his usual playboy antics despite the pressures facing him that Sunday.

It is reported that Hunt – who had a ‘gigantic appetite for sex’ – invited British ­Airways ­stewardesses up to his suite at the Tokyo Hilton hotel after they were dropped off at ­reception for a 24-hour stopover. On race day it seemed Hunt’s sex drive didn’t stop there as Patrick Head – Williams F1 co-founder, then young car designer – walked in on the McLaren man romping with a local in the pit garage.

His unconventional preparation didn’t hamper him though, as Hunt went on to secure a podium finish in third to secure the 1976 championship. Unsurprisingly his antics carried on post-race, with the celebrations as wild as you would have expected. The Brit’s heroics were recognised with a ceremony at the British Embassy, however Hunt was reportedly nearly refused entry due to his drunken state.

Hunt’s flight home was block booked out by former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, and a 12-hour party in the skies would follow as he made his way back to London. As thousands of Brits waited at the airport to welcome the driving star home, Hunt was seen stumbling his way out of the aircraft after ‘draining the plane of alcohol’.

As well as his adoring fans the world champion was also welcomed home by his mother, and long-suffering girlfriend Jane Birbeck. Birbeck reportedly had no idea of the antics her partner had gotten up to during his playboy week in Tokyo.

Hunt had previously been married to Suzy Miller, however the pair soon drifted – no doubt due to the driver’s lifestyle – and went on to go through a sticky divorce. Miller then began a relationship with actor Richard Burton, who reportedly paid Hunt $1 million to settle his divorce with his new partner in the same year as his world triumph.

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