F1 star Pierre Gasly cheekily invites FIA to ‘check my c**k* after clampdown on regulation

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AlphaTauri star Pierre Gasly has jokingly invited the FIA to check his privates after race director Niels Wittich reminded the drivers of the current rules in place for what they wear under their race suits. Friday’s drivers briefing lasted over two hours with a range of topics being discussed.

But a host of drivers have since admitted that more talk was centred around the underwear they choose as opposed to the changes made to the Albert Park track. FIA’s International Sporting Code details what F1 drivers must wear to help protect them in the event of a fire.

There is said to be some concern that drivers have not been wearing underwear in compliance with the FIA regulations. The main rules in place state that drivers must wear gloves, long underwear, a balaclava, socks and shoes in line with the regulations.

However, Friday’s briefing being centred around small details such as what underwear they should be wearing confused some drivers. Gasly was asked to give his thoughts on the matter and took a cheeky dig at the FIA to check his private parts if necessary.

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“I won’t comment on that,” Gasly said. “If they want to check my arse, feel free, I’ve got nothing to hide. My c*ck, everything. If that makes them happy, feel free.”

Lewis Hamilton was equally perplexed at what transpired in Friday’s meeting, also taking aim at FIA officials for not wearing masks.


“It was the longest drivers’ briefing of my life,” he said. “I’ve been racing a long time and they’ve never done such a long drivers’ briefing.


“Also, nobody in the drivers’ briefing was wearing masks. Some of the drivers were, but most of the FIA weren’t, which was for me uncomfortable.

“And then I don’t really understand the small things they are picking up, like the underwear. Are we really talking about that sort of thing? But we move on.”

Red Bull chief Christian Horner won’t be stepping in to help the FIA follow through on their regulations though.

“I certainly won’t be checking our drivers’ underwear!” Horner joked. “For compliance, I see that as a team manager role, although I’m reliably informed our drivers go commando! Hopefully, it won’t be an issue for them.”

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