F1 commentator Martin Brundle has £80m net worth – even more than Jake Paul

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Martin Brundle is a Formula One legend – but fans might be surprised to learn of his mega net worth.

The driver-turned-commentator made his debut in the sport nearly 40 years ago, during which time he has built up a tidy fortune. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he has $100million (£79m) to his name.

That's more than YouTuber and boxer Jake Paul ($60m/£47m), England captain Harry Kane ($40m/£31m) and F1 championship leader Max Verstappen ($60m/£47m). Brundle's wealth comes from years of racing and his broadcast work, plus the business he and his younger brother Robin took over from his dad.

Brundle inherited the family car dealership. He ran that until its closure in 2003 alongside his commitments to F1, which began in 1984 when he raced for the Tyrrell Racing Organisation.

After three seasons with them he took a year out to pursue other ventures before returning in 1989 until his final season in 1996, shortly after which he retired from racing.

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It was at that point when his commentary career kicked off, first working for ITV before joining BBC after they won back the F1 TV rights. Brundle was promoted to lead commentator by the Beeb in 2011 before signing with Sky later that year.

It was a deal which landed the 62-year-old a pay rise from £600,000 a year to £1.3million a year, according to a report from the Daily Mail at the time. Brundle has now clocked up a decade of service with Sky, with his infamous grid walks becoming a highlight of the coverage. However, he recently said he hates them.

"There’s a reason why I’ve never watched back an F1 gridwalk in a quarter of a century of doing them," he tweeted after the Miami Grand Prix earlier this month.

"You have no idea how much I dislike doing them but somehow those crazy moments have defined my professional career. Oh well, that’s the way it is."

Paul, on the other hand, has accumulated his wealth through a combination of YouTube and boxing. The 25-year-old has made a mint from his forays into the ring, with the American taking home £30million aline in 2021.

The controversial star celebrated that achievement in typically brash fashion, tweeting: Made my pro-debut January 30, 2020. 2 years & 4 months later, I’m the 6th highest paid athlete in the world 25 and under. Hate me all you want…I’m just gonna prove you wrong. Next stop August 13th."

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