Eddie Jordan’s daughter worked as F1 grid girl and spoke to Martin Brundle

For years, Formula One fans have been entertained pre-race by former driver turned broadcaster Martin Brundle and his now iconic gridwalks.

Just earlier this year, Brundle was caught photobombing Brazilian ace Neymar at the Spanish Grand Prix on a weekend that also saw him grill Mason Mount about his future prior to his move to Manchester United. It was back in 1997 at the British Grand Prix that Brundle first delivered a grid walk on ITV, which featured an interview with Brazilian ace Ruben Barrichello.

But fast forward seven years later at the same Grand Prix, and Brundle was interviewing the daughter of Jordan Grand Prix boss Eddie Jordan, who was working as a grid girl at Silverstone. Before speaking to Miki Jordan, Brundle chatted with British driver Jenson Button.

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He then proceeded to talk to Barrichello once again, before chatting to Japanese driver Takuma Sato. Then after that, he had a discussion with disgraced ex-F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone and his former Slavica Radic.

And as he was coming to the end of his grid walk, with 20 seconds left, Brundle began to jog down the grid, telling viewers: "Ok, have I got any time left? Ok, I've got 20 seconds left to talk to this young lady."

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"We're going to have to jog down here. The grid girls are all beautiful, and this one is Miki Jordan, Eddie Jordan's daughter." Between 1991 to 2005, Irish businessman Eddie Jordan owned Jordan Grand Prix, who gave Michael Schumacher is racing debut.

However, come 2005, Jordan, who now hosts a podcast with former British driver David Coulthard, as well as covering F1 for Channel 4 from time to time, sold up. But before he ended his spell as owner of the team, he gave his daughter the chance to be a grid girl at Silverstone.

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"Luckily, she got her mother's looks of course," continued Brundle while Miki smiled and laughed. "Miki, how did you get this job, other than of course having your dad around? Did you apply for it?" he asked.

"I didn't Martin, no," replied Jordan's daughter smiling. "Is it cold here? At least the sun's out," said Brundle, to which Jordan replied: "When the sun's out, it's okay."

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