Judging the biggest overreactions from Sundays games: Is Aaron Rodgers done?

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Every week in the NFL, you see stuff that makes you scratch your head. Example: I sat in the press box at Gillette Stadium for three hours Sunday wondering if the Indianapolis Colts’ offensive linemen realized that the ball had been snapped, or that they were supposed to block the guys in front of them.

Fortunately, in the Gillette Stadium press box, you can spin your chair around during breaks in the action and watch the TVs, on which other NFL games are being played and touchdowns are being scored. And you can scratch your head wondering …

  • What’s going on with Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills, exactly?

  • Was Joe Mixon not on any of the Cincinnati Bengals film the Carolina Panthers watched last week?

  • Is Justin Fields about to be the league’s next superstar QB?

  • What the actual heck, Las Vegas Raiders?

  • Is Aaron Rodgers done?

And I want to start this week’s overreactions column right there, with the Green Bay Packers. Because no, I don’t think Rodgers is done, but it’s crystal clear that something in Green Bay is very broken right now, and it’s hard to envision a scenario in which Rodgers and the Packers come back from this. A 15-9 loss to the Detroit Lions — a result that ended the Lions’ five-game losing streak while stretching Green Bay’s to five — was just the latest embarrassment for Rodgers and the Pack. The inability to reach double figures against one of the league’s worst defenses has to be the new rock bottom in a season that has been sinking for over a month. And next week, they get the Dallas Cowboys coming off a bye.

So let’s start this week in Green Bay, where things are as ugly as they’ve been in quite some time.

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