Arkansas trolls Penn State’s Super Bowl tweet following Outback Bowl victory

No. 21 Arkansas beat Penn State 24-10 in the Outback Bowl on Saturday, a game that featured a 17-point third-quarter outburst and second-half shutout to give the Razorbacks their first-ever Outback Bowl victory.

As the team’s Twitter account noted at Penn State’s expense.

Shortly following the victory on Saturday, Arkansas football’s Twitter account trolled its Nittany Lion counterparts by posting a technical statement of fact about the team’s history in the Outback Bowl:

For those out of the loop, Arkansas’ post is nearly identical to a heavily ridiculed Penn State tweet from February that claimed a Nittany Lions football player had played in every Super Bowl — except for five, dating back to 1967. The tweet was a nearly one-to-one match:

The Penn State tweet was roundly criticized at the time, but had largely fallen out of memory with a new college football and NFL season getting underway. That is, until Arkansas gifted college football fans everywhere a reminder on Saturday.

Just another entry into why college football is unlike any other sport, be it for better or worse. And in this case, it’s definitely for the better.

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