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Men & Women Basketball Sizes Guide 2024

Here is a comprehensive guide about men & women basketball sizes including size chart, and information by gender, age, and organizations. Learn before play.


There are variations in the size of basketballs tailored for male and female players. Players search for men’s and women’s basketball sizes to clear their mindset about distinct size specifications. So, players, coaches, or basketball enthusiasts desire to select the perfect basketball considering different factors such as shooting mechanics, hand size, and grip. 

In this way, they can enable themselves to have optimized experience meeting gender-specific requirements. 

It is very important to know about the size of the basketball before going into this game. Our comprehensive guide about ball sizes by gender is given below.

Basketball Size Chart  

Men & women basketball sizes


What is the Diameter of a Basketball? 

The diameter is an essential characteristic in the sport, see the size of men, women and kids basketball. 

29.5” Men’s Ball Size 7 

It is the largest size of ball referred to as a size 7 basketball used by professional NBA players, and men’s college and high school basketball leagues. This ball is made for men up to 12 years and suits a large hand span. 

28.5” Women’s Ball Size 6 

It is referred to as a size 6 ball and used by professional basketball associations of women such as the WNBA (Women National Basketball Association) Women players have smaller hand spans than male players so this is an appropriate size used to play well. 

27.5” Kids Ball Size 5

It is called a size 5 basketball or “junior ball” used by kids under 8 years old. Smaller balls are better for skills development in kids as large balls are difficult to grip on. 

Youth Ball Sizes

The size used in youth basketball is the same as used for middle school boys and girls aged up to 12 years. They play with a 28.5-inch sized ball recommended by youth basketball leagues. For youth aged between 9-12, the size of the ball must be 27.5 inches. The young players between the ages of 4 and 8 play with the ball-sized 22 inches depending on individual hand size and palm. 

Basketball Inflation and Pressure Regulations

The national men’s and women’s basketball leagues (NBA, WNBA) use the same pressure regulations for balls. The ball must be inflated to a pressure range of 7.5 to 8.5 PSI ( pounds per square inch). NCAA specifies the inflation guidelines by weighing 22-ounce balls for men and 20-ounce balls for women. According to the official rules of FIBA, the ball must be inflated to a specific air pressure outlined in regulations. 

What Size Basketball Ball Required By Age?

Basketball sizes vary by age so, every basketball player or enthusiast needs to play with the correct-sized ball. We have provided a detailed chart about men’s and women’s basketball size players’ use and requirements by different age groups. 

Age 4: Size 4, 25.5 inches

Age 5-8: Size 5, 27.5 inches

Age 9-11: Size 6, 28.5 inches 

Age 12-14+: Size 7, 29.5

Women’s Age 8+ Use 28.5″ through WNBA 

Sizes by Organization 

The size can vary depending on the governing body supervising it. See the list of men’s and women’s basketball sizes by different organizations. 

  • NBA  Sizes: 29.5in
  • WNBA Sizes: 28.5in
  • FIBA Sizes: 30.7in for men and 29in for women
  • NCAA  Sizes: 29.5 for men and 28.5 for women
  • High School  Sizes: 29.5in for male and 28.5in for female players

How Much Does an NBA Game Ball Weigh?

The weight of a basketball is an important aspect of basketball and it is determined by the size of the ball. The difference in size and weight of the official ball can affect badly upon the shooting dribbling and level of play. There is no room to make a mistake when inflating the ball. We have provided the detailed chart above to clarify the men’s and women’s correct basketball sizes and weights mandated by the NBA and the Women’s Professional Basketball Association. 

Basic Differences between Men’s & Women’s Basketball 

When we compare basketball games and analyze men’s and women’s basketball sizes, some basic differences emerge. First of all, is the playing style where men focus on athleticism while women on strategy. In Addition to it, another difference is that the men’s league is more popular than women’s. Finally, Men basketball shots operate 24-second shot clocks and women employ 30-second shot clocks.

Does basketball size improve the game for women?

When official ball size was introduced in WBL the impacts of smaller size on women’s performance were analyzed. The initial reports highlighted slight changes in dribbling and shot accuracy. Brenda G. Pitts, a PhD student at the University of Alabama discussed the “effect of a smaller and lighter ball on skill performance of female basketball players” in her thesis in 1985.She raised the point concerning that ball size was chosen haphazardly.


What is an NBA ball size? 

Size 7 is the best basketball used in NBA matches. The diameter of NBA basketball is 29.5in. 

Is women’s basketball official size the same as men’s?

The standard basketball is almost the same for men 29.5in and women 28.5in. There is a slight size difference.

Is size 7 basketballs the standard men’s or women’s ball?

This is the size for men’s professional basketball games. 

What is the difference between boys’ and girls’ recommended basketball sizes?

There are different basketball sizes for both genders. Size 7 basketball should be used for boys and size 6 basketball is for girls.

What is the difference between men’s and women’s basketball courts?

The court dimension of the WNBA is similar to the NBA except for the three-point line. 

Do players use size  3 balls? 

This is a smaller basketball size. 

What is the weight of college basketball? 

It is 22 ounces. 


To summarize, we have provided all the details about basketball sizes by grade and gender in the chart as well as in points. You can get the information relevant to the diameter of NBA basketball. Keep visiting us for more accurate and updated knowledge about what size is men’s basketball, if you are a basketball enthusiast and want to play standard basketball. Start towards meaningful and productive guidelines for your sports career. 

You need to take care of criteria mandated by professional basketball leagues before selecting a basketball. Standard ball sizes are carefully engineered to help basketball players choose the right ball size.

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