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How To Make Basketball Shoes More Grippy?

The indoor game players find it tough to stay steady on the floor of the court. Basketball is a fast-paced sport counting every second, so it is paramount for athletes to move actively and confidently. Many seasoned players get confused and frustrated due to insufficient grip on their shows. So whether you face the difficulty of movement or you want to enhance your game performance this guide covers everything you want to know about how to make basketball shoes more grippy.

How Do I Make My Basketball Shoes Have More Grip?

Many players ask if they can add more grip to their choice. They tried many solutions but all were in vain. Here is a complete explanation of how to get a grip back on basketball shoes.

What Should I do to Improve Traction?

See the step-by-step process for making basketball shoes more grippy.

  • Shake off excess dirt and rocks: use a toothpick and clean your shoes.
  • Wash lightly with soap and water: use a mixture of warm water and eco-friendly laundry detergent to improve grip and traction.
  • Rinse thoroughly: Use a cloth soaked in warm water.
  • Pat dry: Use a paper towel
  • Get a Traction Mat (sticky mat): Used by more NBA and NCAA teams, made of disposable adhesive sheets, to repeatedly step on and off repetitively during the game.

What Not to Do 

You should avoid doing following mistakes as they result in making your shoes more slippery so don’t:

  • Wipe Your Shoes With Your Hands as it is extremely unhealthy
  • Use the washing machine, it affects the color of sneakers
  • Put them in the dryer or by a heater because it changes the shape
  • Use chemicals or bleach that cracks the rubber soles
  • Scrub the upper  midsole causes material damage
  • Leave soap on your shoes as soapy things have more slipping surfaces than dried
  • Using softener or scented detergent makes souls unstable
  • Do not apply a grip gel/Lotion on your soles as it does not dry quickly
  • Do not use a hand sanitizer/ hair spray as it makes outsize souls more sippable than graspable

Maintenance Tips

Read the amazing maintenance tips to keep your basketball shoes more grippy for a long time.

  • Keep shoes in a dry place
  • Prevent them from high temperature
  • Rotate multiple pairs to play basketball
  • Clean frequently
  • Store them in shoe bags or basketball accessories

Why are My Basketball Shoes not Gripping?

Some factors are causing your shoes to become slippery with time.

  • Texture damage
  • Dirt and Debris
  • Natural Aging



How to get more grip on basketball shoes?

Clean your soul and use traction mats to increase shoe grip.

How to get more grip on basketball shoes at home?

Apply the tips/recommendations given above to get a better grip at home.

What part of shoes do I have to care much about?

The bottom of your shoes is very essential to be cared for.


In a nutshell, do not wipe shoes with your hands, leave soap and other mistakes mentioned above. We have described valuable points answering how to make basketball shoes more grippy and improve traction. Apply our tips to make your shoes long-lasting.

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