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How To Get Better At Basketball – Guide for Players


Basketball is a tough and competitive sport. Every player wants to become perfect in this and to make himself distinct from others. Basketball requires a combo of physical as well as mental skills for shaping and developing real sports spirit. There are many ways that a player can follow if he/she searches for “how to get better at basketball”.

According to Adrian Woodard, a well-known basketball trainer, players should utilize the summer season to improve their game skills. If you have a passion for this sport and want to become an unbeatable player then follow our guide.

how to get better at basketball

How to Get Better at Basketball: Tips and Tricks

Two basic strategies are used to improve the performance of players on the basketball court no matter what position the player plays. The first is the fundamental components of the movement and the second is the translation of the movement by training and other ways to become a better basketball player.

Fundamental Components of the Movement of Basketball 

The fundamental components of the movement are listed below, helping you improve your basketball training.

  1. Prioritize Ball Control

Good dribbling skills are essential for the actual improvement of basketball skills. The keys to ball handling are keeping balance and practicing basic moves i.e. crossover, between the legs and behind the back.

  1. Practice at Game Speed


It is difficult for a basketball player to maintain form under pressure on a crowded court. So, the player should practice shots and move quickly to imagine a real game scenario.

  1. Improve Your Physical Fitness

If you want to be a better basketball player, you should do endurance-building exercises helping in increasing stamina. In this way, you will be able to become an active player.

  1. Work on Your Lower Body Shooting Mechanics

Solid-body mechanics are very vital for the player because every part of the body is involved in the movement. So you can practice lower body mechanics by alignment, hip loading, and bringing your hand up.

  1. Practice Your Hand Alignment on the Ball

Position of hand is necessary for good and consistent shooting drills. As it is difficult for the defender to interfere with the ball released from a high point, so practicing hand alignment on the ball helps with it.

  1. Work on Creating Space for Your Defender

You can focus on your defender’s body movement to create space. Create a space and use your shoulder against the chest of the opponent player and act as a shield between the ball and the defender by footwork.

  1. Importance of Rest and Recovery

Rest is the best for the test, so taking rest is the most important factor to play better and win the game. Tips for rest and recovery are 8 hours of sleep, hydration, a balanced diet, flexibility, and following relaxing techniques.

Translation of Movement 

There are some most important tips to help you to be better at basketball given below:

  1.  Identify and Improve Your Weak Spots 


It is an essential aspect of game improvement for a player to identify the weakness and spend more time practicing that. You will have to convert all your weak points into strengths to become a better player.

  1. Watch more College Games

If you want to become an elite basketball player then you can watch college games played by young teens. It can assist you to have a longer shot clock than NBA teams.

  1. Work On Your Mental Game

The wise people say that a game or battle is won in the mind, not on the ground/battlefield. There are some ways to work on mental games like self-talk, meditation practice, and imagination of success.  

  1. Improve Your Basketball IQ

Basketball IQ is basically about how a player understands the game, makes smart and productive decisions, and anticipates plays. You can level up your IQ by having playing experience, studying the basics, and watching games. 

  1. Understand the Rules

If you have an interest in any game, it is vital to understand and get awareness about the game rules. You can read about the rules from game tutorials, and transcripts and watch matches, which will separate you from the average player.  

  1. Put in Extra Work


If you want to become an aggressive player in basketball then you have to make extra effort. Just do not rely upon the team practice, make yourself habitual to practice basketball alone too.

  1. Improve Your Scoring Abilities

If the player scores much in the game, it will boost his confidence because he gets admiration from the team. You can improve scoring abilities if you use an on-ball screen, face up, and shoot off a cut.


FAQs about Improving Your Basketball Skills

 How to become better at basketball?

You can follow the best tips given in the above section.

How can I get better at basketball by myself?

You can get better at this game by practicing much harder at home.

What is free-throw in the game? 

A point gained by the foul committed by the opponent is a free throw.

Is it hard to be good at basketball?

If you want to be good in this game it requires time and practice.

What is rebound? 

It is the statistic that is given to a player who retrieves the ball after a free throw.

Is 13 too old to play basketball?

It is not too late if you are 13 and want to start playing basketball.

What are harder skills in basketball?

Positioning of the body, moving, jumping,  catching, and dribbling drills are considered harder than other skills.

Do dribbling drills build muscles?

Doing any exercise helps you in building your muscles.



The basketball game is the most popular in the world. Every player whether he/she is a beginner or an athlete should always try to improve their game skills. The most important tips for answering the question “how to become good at basketball as a girl or boy” are mentioned in the above article. You can follow these basketball tips for beginners and pro players to become a better and elite player of basketball.

I guarantee that by following these amazing tips, you will become a good player in a short time. It is worthwhile for a basketball enthusiast to join a club to gain much awareness and knowledge about how to get better at basketball.

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