Phil Mickelson claims LIV defectors would 'DOMINATE' a PGA Tour team

Phil Mickelson adds more fuel to golf’s civil war by claiming LIV defectors would ‘DOMINATE’ PGA Tour team in a battle between the two sides ‘that TV would have to fill an hour of dead time’

  • Phil Mickelson thinks that LIV golf would easily handle a challenge from the PGA 
  • Golf fans are left to wonder what a team event – with Phil and Tiger as captains – would play out as we are over two months away from The Masters 
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Any hope golf fans might have for a potential titanic clash between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf will have to wait – but Phil Mickelson has a theory why that may be the case.

Mickelson dropped bombs on Twitter, saying that a potential contest between the two factions in golf’s civil war would have the defectors winning the tournament.

In a tweet posed by self-described ‘golf fan account’ @flushingitgolf, they believed a hypothetical PGA v. LIV team event under the same format as the Ryder Cup with Mickelson and fellow great Tiger Woods as captains, ‘would be the most watched golf event in history.’

That tweet was amplified by former New England Patriots running back turned amateur golfer Danny Woodhead, who said, ‘Easily! And im here for it!’

This prompted a response from Mickelson, who believed that a contest between the two wouldn’t be competitive at all.

Phil Mickelson said that LIV golfers would ‘dominate’ a hypothetical team match vs. the PGA

He said they’d be so good that networks covering the event would have ‘an hour of dead time’

‘It sounds great,but we would dominate them so soundly and it would be over so quick that tv would have to fill an hour of dead time. That’s why it’s not happening at this time,’ Mickelson responded.

Chirps from other Twitter users were met with swift responses from Mickelson as well. 

When one pointed out that the PGA dominates the top-100 golfers list, Phil responded, ‘that’s a good one. That’s probably because the head of golf’s governing bodies run the owgr and have colluded to exclude LIV players from getting points. I’m not a fake media believer but if I was, this would be the perfect example.’

When another tweeted at Tiger Woods asking for this to happen, Mickelson replied, ‘Tell him he can use a cart.’ 

Mickelson challenged Woods, saying his biggest rival could ‘use a cart’ to get around

There won’t be a head-to-head battle in a team format, however it is only a matter of days until players from LIV and the PGA square off again.

With 63 days until the 87th edition of The Masters, players from the warring factions will be playing in Augusta for the first time since LIV was founded.

The Masters proved to be a major recruiting event for the Saudi-backed breakaway tour, where LIV CEO Greg Norman put together a number of recruiting pitches to top golfers. 

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