Tyson Fury urged to retire by dad as more to life than getting brain rattled

Tyson Fury’s dad has urged him to retire after his huge victory over Deontay Wilder, stressing that “there’s more to life than getting your brains rattled”.

The Gypsy King knocked out his long-term heavyweight rival in the 11th round last month, keeping hold of his WBC and The Ring magazine titles in the process.

The victory was even more impressive given new reports that the 33 year-old boxer was “badly injured” before the fight.

A mouthwatering unification fight with Anthony Joshua's tormentor Oleksander Usyk could be in the offing but Fury's dad John has suggested he give up the gloves instead.

“He has a good, heard-earned rest now, and what he wants to do is up to him,” he told the BT Sport Boxing YouTube channel.

“I said, ‘retire, you’ve done enough’. He’s won everything. He’s got no more to prove, he’s got millions and millions of pounds in the bank, he’s secure for life.

“There’s more to life than getting your brains rattled isn’t there? To please the public.

“He’s his own man, he’ll do what he’s going to do. But for me, I’d like him to call it a draw now.”

John suggested quitting now would preserve Fury’s legacy.

“Like I said to him the other day, there’s always going to be a Usyk, and after him there will be somebody else and somebody else, you can’t go on forever with it all,” he continued.

“He’s beaten the best man of his era three times in a row, what more can he do?

But John – who is a former bare-knuckle fighter himself – wasn’t convinced his son would listen to his wishes.

He added: “But I know Tyson, he’ll spend two months at home, and he’ll want the smell of that sweat and leather and he’ll come out again.

“I think Tyson will be boxing while he’s 40 years old, he can’t help himself. It’s what’s in him. He’s what they call a human pitbull terrier.

“But like I say, you’ve got to have a bit of sense haven’t you?”

This comes as the Traveller’s other son Tommy gears up for a fight with YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul, who he recently called a “dosser” on Instagram.

The fight is scheduled to take place in Florida on December 18.

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