Six of the biggest fight mismatches as Floyd Mayweather meets 1-3 YouTuber Deji

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    Floyd Mayweather will face off against YouTuber Deji is an upcoming exhibition fight.

    The pair will face off at Coca-Cola Arena, Dubai, later today. And we thought it would, therefore, be an opportune time to go through the archives of fights across a number of sports and find out the biggest mismatch fights.

    From world champions facing off against internet personalities to pro wrestlers who wanted to try their hand in the Octagon, here are Daily Star Sport’s most notable fights where there was a clear favourite.

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    Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul – 2020

    Mayweather will feature on this list a fair few times – you have been warned! The boxing legend is unbeaten as a pro and so has tried to get into exhibition fights to earn a paycheque in his later years.

    And his most significant to date was against Logan Paul. Billed as "Bragging Rights", the pair faced off in Florida, with the fight going the distance, to the surprise of many.

    Though some felt that Mayweather took it very, very easy on Paul.

    Floyd Mayweather vs Deji

    Mayweather will get into the ring with another famous YouTuber when he takes on Deji.

    Money has a record of 50-0 and Deji has a record of 1-3 – so you can tell who the favourite is here.

    It is a clear mismatch that can only result in two outcomes: either Mayweather does his foe a favour and lets him fire shots up until the final bell, as he did for Paul, or the unbeaten boxer will drop the youngster early on. And we can then all get on with our lives.

    Floyd Mayweather vs Tenshin Nasukawa – 2018

    We told you he would be featuring a lot. Another for Mayweather, this time against a kickboxer, but in a boxing match.

    It went about as you would expect. Mayweather bullied the 20-year-old Nasukawa, resulting in the youngster losing and then subsequently crying.

    He steamrolled the fighter to victory in the exhibition fight, mocking him along the way, without putting in so much as a grain of effort. The American floored Nasukawa three times and ended the contest.

    CM Punk vs Mickey Gall – 2016

    CM Punk made the move to the UFC after becoming a superstar in the WWE. He told MMA Fighting: “I know people think this is a publicity stunt, I'm never going to set foot in the Octagon. I look forward to proving them wrong, but to me, it's not super far-fetched to be like, 'You know what? What if I put three or four wins together? Who's to say I don't get a title shot?”

    It was Gall’s fourth professional fight and third in the UFC, and he claimed victory with a rear naked choke submission early in the first round.

    Punk left the UFC four years later.

    Randy Couture vs James Toney – 2010

    James Toney won multiple world championships in three weight classes during his stellar boxing career.

    He faced MMA legend, Randy Couture, at UFC 118 and was well and truly beaten.

    In the first round, Couture took Toney to the ground and he never managed to get to his feet once again. He eventually beat the former boxer with an arm-triangle choke and Toney was subsequently released from his contract with the UFC.

    Butterbean vs Bart Gunn – 1999

    At Wrestlemania 15, Butterbean faced off in a real-life boxing match with Bart Gunn.

    It was the boxer’s peak years and as such, the WWE wanted him to feature in their flagship show.

    The two traded punches tentatively but eventually, the larger-than-size fighter knocked his opponent down the canvas, twice, in the space of 34 seconds to win the clearly unmatched contest.


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