Paul vs Silva predictions: Boxing's big names have their say

JAKE PAUL VS ANDERSON SILVA PREDICTIONS: Logan Paul insists his brother will KO the MMA legend, Eddie Hearn insists ‘The Problem Child’ will be too fresh but Daniel Cormier backs Silva to claim victory as boxing’s biggest names have their say

  • Jake Paul and Anderson Silva square off in an intriguing clash this weekend
  • The pair are fighting at a catchweight of 187lbs for the eight-round contest
  • ‘The Problem Child’ is looking to move 6-0 in what will be his toughest test yet 
  • Silva, despite being 47 years old, is likely to resemble a step-up in quality

Jake Paul and Anderson Silva collide in a bout few could have foreseen as they take to the squared circle this weekend. 

‘The Problem Child’ will finally make his sixth professional outing, having knocked out Tyron Woodley last December, with subsequent scheduled bouts against Tommy Fury and Hasim Rahman Jr since falling through.  

Late worries emerged regarding yet another potential fight cancellation as Silva, 47, sparked concerns by suggesting he had been knocked out during multiple sparring sessions leading up to the fight. 

Jake Paul (left) and Anderson Silva (right) will go head-to-head in Arizona on Saturday

Paul claimed an emphatic knockout win over bitter rival Tyron Woodley in his last outing

Silva later clarified those claims, however, and the Arizona Boxing & MMA Commission have now given the green light for the catchweight fight to stand, making the decision during a meeting on Thursday night, with the MMA legend required to take additional medical exams on Wednesday. 

The UFC Hall of Famer is undoubtedly the most high-profile of Paul’s opponents to date, to this day holding the record for the longest win streak in the sport’s history.  He also has experience inside the boxing ring, having fought four times, winning on three occasions. He notably beat Julio Cesar Chavez Jr on points in 2021, before knocking out Tito Ortiz later in the year.

Paul, on the other hand, only took up boxing in recent years, his first bout being against YouTuber Deji – who takes on Floyd Mayweather next month – in 2018. 

Regardless of the massive gap in experience between the pair, having dedicated himself to boxing in recent years, and more importantly being significantly fresher at only 25 years old, many are predicting Paul to win. Sportsmail takes you through what some of the biggest names in the sport have had to say below.  

‘I’m nervous to say the least,’ Paul told Sportsmail. ‘Anderson Silva is incredibly dangerous. I know that this is by far the biggest competition my brother has accepted and it will be incredibly difficult for him.

‘However, the outcome will be the same as it always has been: Jake Paul will win because he’s Jake Paul, no one works harder than him and the momentum in his life is on the up and up.

In an exclusive interview with Sportsmail, Logan Paul insisted his brother will win by knockout

The WWE star admitted ‘The Problem Child’ is in for the toughest test of his career, however

‘So while I think this is gonna be an absolute dog fight, my brother’s gonna take away the win.

‘I do think he’s gonna knock out Anderson Silva.’

VERDICT: Paul by KO 

Eddie Hearn

‘Anderson Silva is 48 years old now, but he’s an MMA legend,’ Hearn told Betfred’s Lightweight Boxing Show. 

‘He’s a decent striker as well, and obviously has that victory over a very faded Julio César Chávez Jr. I just expect Jake to be a bit too fresh for him.

Eddie Hearn insists Paul is improving as a fighter and backs the 25-year-old to be too fresh

The pair worked closely while Co-promoting the historic bout between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano

‘Watching Jake, he’s definitely improving as a fighter. You can see that. He’s in good shape and he’s a strong young man, but he’s probably not going to get as much credit as he deserves if he wins because the argument that he hasn’t beaten a boxer will remain. 

‘Silva is definitely his toughest challenge so far and if he wins he should get the appropriate credit.’

VERDICT: Paul to win 

Oscar De La Hoya

‘That’s a good fight,’ Oscar De La Hoya told Inside Fighting per Boxing Scene. ‘I’m gonna go with Jake Paul.

‘Yeah, I’m gonna go with Jake Paul, just because he seems like he’s getting into the rhythm of things. 

Oscar De La Hoya thinks that if Paul ‘connects with Silva he’s going to knock him out’ 

Paul has knocked out all five of his opponents to date, though going the distance with Woodley in their first encounter

‘He doesn’t have too many fights. He loves boxing, is a hard worker, and has a lot of power.

‘If he connects with Silva, he’s going to knock him out. If he touches Silva, he’s going down.’

VERDICT: Paul to win 

Daniel Cormier

‘I think Anderson Silva wins the fight,’ he told ESPN. ‘If Jake Paul wins – honestly, he’s a kid that’s in his prime, and I say that knowing that now Jake Paul can fight. The guy can fight.

‘I’m done being of the people that say this kid’s a joke. This kid is not a joke. 

Daniel Cormier – another UFC Hall of Famer – believes Silva will emerge victorious on Saturday

Cormier says Silva’s win over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr is better than anything Paul has achieved

‘The kid can fight, and there are many reasons as to why he can fight.

‘But we talk about Anderson, all that he has done – Anderson beating Julio Cesar Chavez Jr is bigger and better than anything [Paul’s] ever done.’

VERDICT: Silva to win 

Tyron Woodley 

‘I know a lot of people want to see Jake Paul get beat up and see him taught a lesson like a bully on a playground,’ he said on ‘The Fighter vs The Writer’ Podcast, per MMA Fighting. 

‘But he really is a kid, not very much responsibility, no financial limitations, energy, he makes everything a bucket list, a challenge.

‘That’s why he likes to bet so much. If he loses, it’s not that big of a deal but he secretly wants to win real bad. ‘Cause he’s been a fan of the combat sports world for so long.

Woodley has remained on the fence but insists former foe Paul has legitimate knockout power

Paul claimed a stunning knockout victory over Woodley in their rematch last December

‘I’ve got so many videos of the baby face Jake Paul wanting to take pictures with me and Logan [Paul] and being fans of me back in the day, he’s just tricking everyone.

‘He’s training his ass off. He’s got KO power and he’s learned to throw that particular punch that he’s got timing on.’

VERDICT: On the fence 

Malik Scott

During an interview with FairBettingSites, Deontay Wilder’s trainer, Malik Scott, said: ‘The matches are real safe that he’s taken. He’s not taking real, real chances in my opinion. Even Silva, Silva’s a tad bit old. Even if you look at him doing boxing exhibitions, he doesn’t move as he did.

‘Especially if it’s just boxing and not using his legs. Silva’s being brought in, he’s got a great name. He’s a great fighter. But I believe Jake Paul has also become a good fighter as well. Is he a world beater? Absolutely not. But is he an influencer fighter?

Malik Scott insists Paul is taking easy fights as he predicts the American to win once more

The former heavyweight believes Silva at 47 is simply too old and not as quick as he used to be

‘Not to me no more. I’m not going to keep saying it because he’s actually looking better than some boxers. Silva’s technically sound. Like I said, he’s older, though. He’s not as quick as he used to be. His reflexes are not as good as they used to be.

‘But he has the pedigree, he has a good foundation. He knows the difference between stepping to his left and stepping to his right, having a good defence, keeping his hand outs to make guys earn it, to get to his chin. He knows how to do those things very well. But I just think he was chosen for a reason. He’s a pawn, a part of the Jake Paul story, you can say.’

VERDICT: Paul to win 

Nate Diaz 

‘I see it going a lot of different ways,’ Diaz told reporters. ‘I think Anderson for sure – I didn’t like when he fought [Julio] Cesar Chavez Jr and, I think it may have been the organisation they were fighting under or whatever, but they were talking like all surprised that Anderson was beating Chavez Jr. 

‘Respect to Chavez Jr and Sr, but why are they acting surprised that Anderson Silva is doing good? What do you even think Chavez Jr is even doing in there with Anderson Silva?

UFC star Nate Diaz believes Saturday night’s showdown in Arizona could go either way

Diaz has clashed online with Paul on multiple occasions with a future bout not impossible

‘They considered him the GOAT in the UFC for a long time, you know? There was no appreciation for that and I thought that was stupid.

‘I think they’d be stupid if they’re trying to count him [Silva] out at all in this fight, but I also see that Jake Paul could win or do well too. [He’s] young, motivated, strong, inspired to box. So, I think it makes for an interesting fight.’

VERDICT: It could go either way 

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