OnlyFans boxer Astrid Wett’s kiss was snubbed by KSI ‘because he has matured’

KSI has claimed he snubbed a kiss from OnlyFans boxer Astrid Wett last week because he has "matured."

Astrid tried to plant a big, juicy smacker on the YouTuber-turned-boxer before her fight against Keeley Colbran last week. During the weigh-in for the Misfits Boxing events, Colbran intimated that Astrid had a boyfriend who she kept private for the benefit of her OnlyFans career.

In an attempt to prove that she was single, Astrid said: "Do you think if I had a boyfriend I would do this?" She then put her hand on KSI's neck, lifted her heel into the air and tried to give the 29-year-old a smooch.

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Unfortunately for Astrid, KSI was having none of it. He quickly leant back, spurning Astrid's advances to howls of laughter from the room – and Colbran.

KSI has now addressed the incident for the first time, claiming that he refused to pucker up as he has "matured" and that he is not a fan of public displays of affection.

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"Astrid Wett tried to kiss me and I said 'nope'!" KSI joked in a YouTube video about the iconic moment. "That head movement was coming in clutch. I did turn down Astrid Wett which is crazy because old KSI would have lapped that up, he would have been like 'yes, finally a woman likes me!' Now, your boy's grown and matured and he's like 'what are we doing? Stop!'

"But it was crazy and a lot of people are asking me what was going through my mind during this situation. Honestly, I couldn't believe it, I was there 'she's about to kiss me, what? Nah!' First of all, I hate public affection, I think it's super cringe and secondly, you're not going to catch me slipping, I am on point with everything I do."

KSI also made the point that he probably would have found himself in serious trouble if the situation had been the other way around. "If the roles were reversed I would probably be in prison right now," he joked.

"Or else I would be severely cancelled and I would have lost a lot of brand deals, people wouldn't want to work with me any more and it'd be mad for me. But it's fine."

In the aftermath of the incident, Astrid said being turned down by KSI broke her heart. She said: "It broke my heart but I understand, it's ok. I mean he's a good-looking man, if I had the opportunity, why wouldn't you?"

It was at least good news in the ring for the OnlyFans babe, who marked her boxing debut with an impressive second round TKO win.


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