MMA fighter criticised for KO of "little boy" who stepped in at last minute

MMA fighter Aron Lee has come under huge criticism after he knocked out young late replacement Craig Wood in a farcical mismatch.

The Evolution of Combat 9 event took place place in Glasgow in September last year and was made at short notice after Lee's opponent was placed in at the last minute.

However it was quickly noticed how much of a mismatch it was as the pair sized each other up before the referee stopped the bout within seconds after 21-year-old Wood was brutally knocked out.

Footage has now emerged of the complete mismatch between the pair from cage-side as Wood was defenceless to the relentless attack of his larger opponent.

MMA writer Harry Williams delivered his verdict on social media, tweeting : "Can we please find out who allowed this fight to go ahead? I know there’s journeymen, but there’s a line, surely."

A fan responded : "I wouldn’t sell this lad fireworks, but even less sanction him in a MMA fight. He can’t be a day over 15."

Another fan posted : "This is ridiculous. Everyone can see this was a total mismatch."

One fan tweeted : "I was at the show. The guy on the left brother (cornerman) got head kicked KO'd in the main event. Was horrible match making."

A fan also added : "Plot twist. Kid on the left won. But on a serious level, it just looks ridiculous and I bet ridiculous as a competitive match up, last but not least, dangerous!"

Many fans have spoken out since against the mismatch and pointed out the wider issue of "padded" records in combat sports.

Fighters have often been criticised for fighting several opponents with losing records to add wins to their pedigree in the early stages of their career.

Wood was the latest to come into the firing line for a poor level of opponent fighting with a higher level of opposition at just 21-years-old, with many pointing out the basic physique difference before the fight.

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However Wood quickly defended his worrying defeat stating : "I'll let ya in on something, I'm in a lot better shape than I look."

To add salt to the wounds of the late-notice replacement, Wood was incorrectly announced as Craig Knight by the announcer after his loss.

He later explained that he had asked the promotion to change his name but they couldn't on such "short notice".

Wood explained: "I asked them to change (the) name to mine, but because I filled in for another journeyman within the couple hours of (the) fight, they couldn't."

His defeat may well be the last appearance he is handed under the promotion after taking significant damage in the contest.

Conor McGregor's teammate Artem Lobov also voiced his disapproval of the bout, tweeting: "Tapology have started to remove padded record fights, which (is) a great idea!"

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