Mayweather 'stands with Israel against the Hamas terrorists'

Floyd Mayweather becomes latest high profile name to throw his support behind Israel after Hamas bloody attack: Calls for the safe return of those kidnapped during ‘these horrific war crimes’

  • Floyd Mayweather has declared his support for Israel against Hamas terrorists 
  • Hamas terrorists launched rocket strikes on Israel and invaded the country 
  • Israel Palestine war LIVE: Jewish state prepares massive ground offensive 

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has posted that he ‘stands with Israel against the Hamas terrorists’ in on social media.

The 46-year-old American has joined millions of online users around the world posting heartfelt messages of support for Israel. 

It comes after Hamas terrorists launched rocket strikes on Israel and invaded parts of the country, killing civilians and kidnapping others with swift retaliation later following.

In a post on Instagram, Mayweather wrote: ‘I stand with Israel against the Hamas terrorists. Hamas do not represent the people of Palestine but are a terrorist group that are attacking innocent lives!

‘I stand for all humans and wish for the safe return of all Americans and Israelis and any human that were kidnapped as hostages during these horrific war crimes.

Floyd Mayweather has posted on social media that he ‘stands with Israel against the Hamas terrorists’

Mayweather shared this image as he offered his support to the people of Israel

‘This is not a time for politics. This is a time for safety first and foremost.

‘God Bless America. God Bless Israel. God Bless Human Kind!’ 

Along with the post, he included a picture of himself from a previous visit to Jerusalem.

Mayweather joins a host of celebrities who have come forward to throw their support behind Israel during the conflict. 

Since Hamas’ launched its surprise attack on Saturday, celebrities including Madonna, Natalie Portman and Ivanka Trump publicly expressed their support for Israel.  

‘Love and prayers for the people of Israel,’ Ivanka, who converted to Judaism when she married her husband, Jared Kushner, an Orthodox Jew, in 2009, wrote in a post on her Instagram Story.’

Israeli-born Oscar-winner Natalie Portman wrote that her ‘heart is shattered for the people of Israel.’ 

Arsenal soccer star Oleksandr Zinchenko decided to restrict his Instagram profile from the public after being targeted by social media trolls, after posting that he ‘stands with Israel.’

While Detroit Lions star Alex Anzalone announced that his parents remain stranded in Israel following the attack. In a post on social media, the line backer begged President Joe Biden to help to return them home. 

Portman wrote that her ‘heart is shattered’ for those who have been hurt in the conflict 

On Tuesday, Israeli warplanes continued to pound downtown Gaza City, home to Hamas’ centers of government, with relentless bombardments into early Tuesday, after Israel’s prime minister vowed retaliation against the Islamic militant group that would ‘reverberate for generations.’

The 4-day-old war has already claimed at least 1,600 lives, as Israel saw gun battles in the streets of its own towns for the first time in decades and neighborhoods in Gaza were reduced to rubble. 

Hamas also escalated the conflict, pledging to kill captured Israelis if strikes targeted civilians without warning.

Israel’s military said it had found the bodies of roughly 1,500 Hamas militants in Israeli territory as it gained effective control in the south and ‘restored full control’ over the border. 

It was not immediately clear if those numbers overlapped with deaths previously reported by Palestinian authorities.

Israel said that Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza are holding more than 150 soldiers and civilians snatched from inside Israel after the attack caught its vaunted military and intelligence apparatus completely off guard.

As the Israeli military activated 300,000 reservists in a massive mobilization, a major question was whether it will launch a ground assault into the tiny Mediterranean coastal territory. The last ground assault was in 2014. 

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