KSI vs Danis OFF as MMA star pulls out of fight for three reasons

Logan Paul gives KSI vs Dillon Danis prediction

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KSI’s January 14 boxing bout with MMA star Dillon Danis has been cancelled. According to KSI’s manager Mams Taylor, Danis pulled out of the contest because he is struggling with weight, hasn’t got a coach, was underprepared for the bout.

Announcing the news to DAZN, he said: “I got a phone call saying that Dillon is pulling out of the fight. The real reason from what they (his team) said to me is that he’s under-prepared, he doesn’t have a coach, and he might be struggling with weight even though there is no rehydration clause.

“He has not been able to find a team that is able to bring him into the fight. Obviously, he’s got some other issues. It’s very sad and unfortunate because he didn’t reciprocate the respect that we had given him. No word from him, he’s clearly embarrassed that he’s in this position.

“Who knows what he is going to come out and say but I’m disappointed because I never thought that for someone that cares as much about his reputation, I didn’t think that this would be something [that would happen] despite many people saying the opposite.”

Taylor’s statement comes after Danis raised concerns about the rehydration clause originally inserted into their fight contract. Danis was told that he could only weigh four pounds heavier than the 177lb catchweight limit on the day of the fight and admitted he wasn’t sure if he would go ahead with the fight under those circumstances.

As a result, KSI’s representatives removed the clause from the contract despite Danis agreeing to it when he signed on the dotted line two months ago. But it appears that wasn’t able to influence Danis to proceed with the contest as just one week later the news has dropped that he is out of the fight.


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It is likely that KSI will now face 9-0 professional boxer and entrepreneur Joe Fournier who had been booked in as a backup opponent for the main event. In an interview with Fred Talks Fighting while training out in Miami, he said: “I’m the alternate for this fight, if Dillon Danis pulls out, I’m jumping in. I don’t need to train, just give me the weight I’m in. 

“So, hopefully Danis doesn’t show up… I have the contract in my email, I just haven’t signed because they’ve got to show me the money but yeah I’m the backup.”

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