Khabib's team DENY claim he demanded £5M to fight Georges St-Pierre

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s team DENY claims that the Russian demanded £4MILLION to fight UFC legend Georges St-Pierre in a grappling match

  • Reports had suggested that Khabib demanded the lucrative sum for the fight 
  • However, representatives of the former UFC champion have denied the claims 
  • Both fighters cemented an impressive UFC legacy before respectively retiring 

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s team have denied claims that the Russian star demanded $5million (£4m) to fight UFC legend Georges St-Pierre.

Both Nurmagomedov and St-Pierre forged impressive legacies within the UFC and have both, in recent times, been suggested as the ‘GOAT’ of the organisation. 

And, while fans have sung the praises of the Russian and Canadian stars, many have wondered how a potential fight between the two would’ve played out. 

And, according to BJJ star Craig Jones who recently appeared on the El Segundo podcast, Nurmagomedov was open to a potential bout but demanded a staggering fee.

‘I remember I was with the (UFC) Fight Pass guys and they were trying to ask me for opponents for GSP, for ideas, and I had no idea who (it) would be,’ Jones said.

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s (pictured) team have denied claims that the Russian mixed martial arts star demanded £4million ($5m) to face Georges St-Pierre in a grappling match

St-Pierre (pictured) is widely regarded as one of the greatest mixed martial arts stars ever

‘They asked me in the moment, I was like ‘I dunno…’ but I remember obviously I said Khabib. I think they said Khabib wanted $5million (£4m) to do the grappling match’.

However, in the wake of those comments, Nurmagomedov’s manager Rizvan Magomedov admitted that negotiations did take place but they never reached discussions on price.

‘Where did Craig Jones get the figure of about 5 million?’ said via Russian news outlet TASS. ‘Maybe his grandmother whispered these numbers to him. It looks funny.

‘They proposed to hold a fight, but the conversation didn’t even reach the amounts,’ he continued. ‘They didn’t even discuss, they didn’t ask what amount and price. They asked if there was a desire or not. Then it was all over.’

Both fighters have previously hinted at the possibility that a bout between them could be arranged but, unfortunately for fans, it’s never materialised. 

When Nurmagomedov called an end to his professional mixed martial arts career back in 2020, he admitted that ‘GSP’ was the only fighter who could tempt him to return. 

However, St-Pierre hasn’t fought inside the MMA cage since 2017 and a return to combat sports seems unlikely for the Canadian.

Nurmagomedov has not stepped foot inside the octagon since his retirement in 2020

Prior to retiring, Khabib boasted an impressive 30-0 record in MMA and was the reigning UFC lightweight champion when he opted to hang up his gloves.

GSP, on the other hand, was a UFC champion in two weight divisions after success in both the welterweight and middleweight divisions. 

His run as the welterweight champion began in 2007 and ran until he eventually vacated the title in 2013.

Four years after that, St-Pierre made his return to the octagon and faced British star Michael Bisping – who he managed to submit in the third round. 

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