John Fury angrily reacts when quizzed about ‘double or nothing’ bet

Tommy Fury reflects on 'amazing' fight with Jake Paul

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John Fury, father of heavyweight champion Tyson and younger brother Tommy, saw his son silence doubters with a split decision win over Jake Paul at the weekend. John will be a familiar face to boxing fans, occupying a vital – and vocal – role in the entourage of his kids. 

A former professional boxer and bare-knuckle fighter himself, the 58-year-old is not one to shy away from confrontation and in revealing footage he can be seen laying into a cameraman whose questions weren’t to his liking.

While watching the wrapping of Jake Paul’s hands just before Sunday’s fight a man can be heard quizzing Fury on the supposed ‘double or nothing’ wager that was offered in the days leading up to the bout.

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“Let’s talk about boxing,” a clearly agitated Fury replied. “That’s what we’re here to do, box.” Before reiterating he was ‘concentrating’ on the wrapping process after further prodding from the anonymous interrogator.

Eagle-eyed viewers have since been digging up clips of Paul offering Tommy Fury the chance to double his winnings at the pair’s pre-fight press conference, and are bemused by the revelation of John’s reluctance to confirm the agreement – seeing as he was the one who initially committed to the bet on stage at the heated presser.

“I think we make a deal then, since you’re so confident,” Paul said during the pre-fight exchange last Thursday. “If you win, I’ll pay you double what I’m paying you already. But if I win, I take everything.” John can be heard saying: “You’ve got a deal, all or nothing.” Before the two fighters appeared to confirm the pact with a handshake.

But these new images raise fresh questions about whether any such agreement was made binding and with Tommy going on to claim victory in the clash, it would seem the Fury camp could have left millions on the table. Reports have suggested the former Love Island star could have bagged an extra £4m for his efforts if the deal was in place.

John can be seen angrily interrupting the cameraman’s final attempt to get comment on the deal in the newly released video adding: “Why don’t you shut up? Listen, just shut up video boy you little nobody.”

Jimmy Harrington, Tommy Fury’s manager, then steps in to place his hands in front of the lens as the elder Fury departs the room and presumably returns to his son for last minute fight preparations.

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