Jake Paul: I'd 'slap the Stockton' out of Nate Diaz in boxing match

Jake Paul claims he would ‘slap the Stockton’ out of Nate Diaz as YouTuber calls out the fighter for a boxing match after he beat Tony Ferguson in his final UFC bout this weekend

  • Diaz won what may be his last UFC bout by forcing a submission in the 4th round
  • He could potentially fight Paul, who faces Anderson Silva at the end of October
  • Paul is interested, saying both he and his fans want a Diaz fight to happen  

With the end of Nate Diaz’s UFC contract, the fighter is now able to accept a challenge from other competitions – including boxing, as a potential bout with Youtuber-turned-fighter Jake Paul. 

The two have talked about a potential fight against each other in the past, and now with Diaz’s contract expiring, that becomes more of a reality. 

Diaz fought what may be his final UFC bout this weekend, forcing Tony Ferguson to submit in the fourth round at UFC 279. 

Paul is set to face legendary Brazilian UFC fighter Anderson Silva in a boxing match on October 29th in Arizona. But, during a press conference, Paul mentioned he has an eye on the future – and to a fight with Diaz.

‘I do, in the back of my head, want that fight,’ Paul said. ‘And I think the fans want that fight.’

Jake Paul (L) is open to the idea of a boxing match with recent UFC winner Nate Diaz (R)

Paul backs himself in that potential matchup, saying he’d ‘slap the Stockton’ out of Diaz, a reference to the fighter’s hometown of Stockton, California.

‘We will see,’ Paul said. ‘I think there’s a lot of hurdles that he probably has to get through even getting out of his contract probably. I don’t know all the details. And then there’s hurdles I have to jump through. And one of those hurdles is a f—ing massive one in Anderson Silva.’

‘I definitely use all the potential fights that could happen in my career as motivation. I want to have a long career. So, when I’m in the gym, I’m thinking, “OK, I’m gonna be doing this for three, four, five more years. I need to work extremely hard.”

‘This isn’t just a short-term thing for me. I always think about all the people out there who want to beat me, who want to fight me.’

Paul is set to fight former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva in late October

Paul is undefeated as a pro boxer, with a 5-0 record comprising three wins over former UFC fighters, including Ben Askren and former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

His most recent fight was canceled after Tommy Fury had issues with his visa and replacement Hasim Rahman Jr. couldn’t make weight. 

Anderson Silva is in a completely different league than all others, according to Paul. Silva’s UFC middleweight title and a record 16 straight wins in the UFC – combined with a 3-1 boxing record – makes this bout bigger than his previous fights.

‘For me, as crazy as it sounds, this is my first big fight,’ Paul said. ‘All the other fights are somewhat big names. But no one that’s a superstar.

‘Anderson is a superstar. In terms of hype and pay-per-views and media attention, this is the biggest fight. Finally, I don’t have to do all the promoting.’

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