Jake Paul hands Tommy Fury TWO-DAY deadline to salvage US bout

Jake Paul hands bitter rival Tommy Fury a TWO-DAY deadline to salvage US bout after Brit was denied entry by Homeland Security… with YouTuber-turned-boxer calling on Fury to ‘go to the embassy and come out of hiding’

  • Jake Paul has told Tommy Fury he has two days to find a resolution to their fight  
  • Fury revealed to fans this week that he was denied entry into the United States
  • He was set to have a press conference with Paul ahead of their August bout
  • Fury said that he had ‘no idea’ why he was denied access into the United States 
  • Paul has since claimed on social media that he has three opponents lined up 

Tommy Fury has until Wednesday morning to find a resolution to his travel issues to the United States as rival Jake Paul vows to move on to a different opponent. 

The pair are still slated to meet at New York City’s Madison Square Garden on August 6 but that is in jeopardy after Fury – half-brother to heavyweight champion Tyson – revealed he had been denied entry to the US by Homeland Security as he looked to jet out for their press conference.  

Having seen a previous bout between them fall through due to injury to Fury, YouTuber-turned-boxer Paul is growing tired of the waiting and has now issued an ultimatum to get the fight back on track.

‘Tommy is officially out by Wednesday morning if he doesn’t go to the embassy/come out of hiding,’ Paul tweeted. 

‘Three other opponents lined up. I’m built different.’ 

Jake Paul has given Tommy Fury two days to sort his travel issues or their New York bout is off

 Paul claims he has three alternative opponents lined up for the Madison Square Garden fight

Fury filmed a video late last Monday night, and posted it on Tuesday, explaining why he had not been able to get on his flight to the United States.

He said: ‘[I wanted to] come on here and set the record straight before anybody else tries to.

‘Me and my team this morning arrived at Heathrow Airport ready for the press conference, ready to fly out.

‘And as soon as I entered the airport I got pulled to one side and I was told by the Homeland Security officer that was there that my ESTA had been denied and I wasn’t able to travel to the USA for a reason that I apparently know. 

‘I can stand here and I say I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong and I have no clue why I’m not allowed to travel to the USA.’

The pair were supposed to settle their rivalry back in December at the Amalie Arena in Florida, but Fury had to pull out with a broken rib and a chest infection.

In response to the latest setback in their efforts to face each other, Paul furiously tweeted: ‘Tommy, no matter how hard you try to get out of this fight, I’m going to do everything in my power to not let you weasel your way out. 

‘My team and my partners have made it clear the steps you need to take to solve your latest excuse. Take them or admit you’re a scared little b****.’

Paul’s fight with Fury is still scheduled to go ahead at Madison Square Garden on August 6

Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions also confirmed in a statement that the press conference, due to take place on Wednesday, has been postponed.

The statement read: ‘Despite many assurances by Tommy Fury’s team that he was able to come to the US, and knowing that Tommy was in California just last month, we were surprised to learn that he had an issue at Heathrow Airport on Monday. 

‘As a result of circumstances out of our control, the scheduled press conference for Wednesday at MSG has been postponed. 

‘We are working with our partners at SHOWTIME and Madison Square Garden and will share more information as soon as we are able.’

Fury was due to fight Paul last year before pulling out with a broken rib and chest infection

It was reported earlier this month that his half-brother Tyson had also been denied access to the US over alleged links to crime boss Daniel Kinahan.

Addressing claims that Irish boxing promoter Kinahan runs a global organised crime group, Fury has previously stated said: ‘That’s none of my business and I don’t interfere with anybody else’s business.’ 

Tyson, who was photographed in Dubai in February this year with the now US sanctioned Kinahan, said: ‘Because I had my picture taken with a man it doesn’t make me a criminal. I’m just a boxer. There could be a criminal in this building.’

Kinahan has advised Tyson Fury in the past, but Fury has not been accused of criminal activity.

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