Jake Paul and Tommy Fury agree to 'all or nothing' deal over money

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury agree to an ‘ALL OR NOTHING’ deal over money for their long awaited bout on Sunday night in a fiery press conference in Saudi Arabia… as Brit threatens to put the American ‘to sleep’ inside one round

  • Tommy Fury and Jake Paul faced off ahead of their long-awaited fight on Sunday
  • In a heated encounter, the pair agreed to an ‘all or nothing’ deal over money 
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Tommy Fury and Jake Paul agreed a ‘winner-takes-all’ deal in a fiery pre-fight press conference ahead of their clash on Sunday.

The bitter rivals are finally set to go head-to-head in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia on Sunday, with ringwalks set to begin at around 9.30PM UK time, after seeing previously scheduled bouts fall through on two occasions.

The long-term enemies came face-to-face at Wembley Arena shortly before Anthony Yarde was stopped by Artur Beterbiev in January this year, but Fury opted to skip their announcement press conference earlier in February, as bad blood continued to linger between the pair.

And the pair came faced up again in their pre-fight press conference on Thursday evening, where Mike Tyson, Derek Chisora and Tyson Fury were even present.

During several heated exchanges, Fury maintained he was supremely confident he would emerge victorious, leading to Jake Paul challenging him to a deal that the winner would take all the money on Sunday.

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul agreed a ‘winner-takes-all’ deal in a fiery pre-fight press conference ahead of their clash on Sunday

The pair faced off, before Paul posed Fury a deal that the fight’s winner would get all the money

Mike Tyson (left), Derek Chisora (right) and Tommy’s brother Tyson were all present in Diriyah

Fury had said: ‘Look at my eyes. You’re getting put to sleep inside four rounds. I’m a fresh young fighter. You had two lucky escapes at this fight. You should have taken escape, you’ve blown your ticket – I’m coming to take your head off.’

Paul then replied: ‘I think we make a deal.  If you win – I’ll pay you double what I’m paying you already – but if I win I take everything I’m paying you since you’re so confident. Deal or no deal?’

Fury then responded: ‘Why you standing up? Sit back down. I’m putting you away inside the first round – you’re a s***house’.

The pair then faced off and looked to go head-to-head before they firmly shook on the proposed deal.

Paul then outed Tommy’s father John and claimed ‘your dad is more confident than you’ after a deal had been agreed.

John then simply added: :’If Jake Paul beats Tyson Fury he doesn’t deserve paying.’ 

Paul and Fury again  faced off minutes later and kept going at each other as they exchanged words as the atmosphere ramped up before the press-conference concluded.

It was a culmination of several tense moments in the press conference, with both fighters in an extremely bullish mood.

Paul (6-0) is looking to maintain his unbeaten record inside the ring and comes into the bout on the back of a decision win over MMA legend Anderson Silva. Fury will be the first professional boxer he has faced, however.

Nevertheless, the American described Sunday’s showdown as a ‘cake walk’ and claimed he had given Fury the ‘biggest opportunity of his life’.

He said: ‘I take every fight seriously. When Tommy says he has been doing it his whole life, it means nothing. This is the biggest opportunity of his life. 

‘He was getting paid peanuts compared to this. He’s never been on a stage like this, got an opportunity like this, been paid anything like this and he couldn’t’ even knock out the taxi drivers he fought.

‘He is a good boxer, he has inflatable arms. He is top heavy like the Michelin man. His opponents have a combined record of 20 wins and 250 losses.

‘He has never been put in there with someone who wasn’t there to lose. He has never been eight rounds. He will get into the deep water and drown.

‘This is what I do. To me, this is a speed bump and a cake walk.’

Fury had responded belligerently and highlighted how Paul might have had success in his initial forays into boxing, but the American had never come across anyone like himself. 

He said: ‘To even mention my name in the same sentence is disrespectful to me who’s been boxing my whole life. I’m going to clinically knock this guy out.

‘His opponents have been in their 40s and 50s. Everyone knows MMA fighters are not boxers. They aren’t boxers and he couldn’t deal with them. 

‘He still went eight rounds with him [Anderson Silva] and looked like he went through the trenches.

‘He will realise what boxing is. You have a proper fighter here and one who will take your head off.’

The pair exchanged various trash talk and both talked up their chances of winning the bout

John Fury was in entertaining form and praised Paul but claimed Tommy would knock him out

John Fury had earlier been in typically entertaining form at the press conference and explained how he had admiration for Paul, but was fully confident in his son to deliver.

He said: ‘We’ve come here to do one thing, knock Jake Paul. There is going to be defeat for Jake but good luck to him, he’s a nice kid and intelligent and without him we wouldn’t be here so Jake Paul thank you very much.

‘We’ve only been training for a knockout. People want to see clean, solid power punches from the off. Who’s got the best chin and the biggest ‘you know whats’ and I know my son is packing both.

‘Come Monday, Tyson (Fury) will be the most proud brother in world. Tommy will give Jake Paul a beating even mad Tyson would be proud of.’

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