Inside Logan Paul and Dillon Danis's toxic feud

Inside Logan Paul and Dillon Danis’s toxic feud: What started out as harmless pranks and trolling escalates with personal attacks on the YouTube star’s fiancee Nina Agdal reaching a new despicable low

  • Logan Paul and Dillon Danis are scheduled to face off in the ring on October 14
  • The MMA fighter shared an X-rated video of Paul’s fiancee Nina Agdal Tuesday
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Logan Paul and Dillon Danis’s feud reached a toxic level this week when the MMA star crossed a line with their October 14 fight adding fuel to the fire. 

Since Paul announced on August 8 his return to the ring, Danis has launched a social media offensive in an attempt to get in his opponent’s head. 

It is common for boxers to take their fights out of the ring with trash talk and mind games but Danis’s actions hit a new low Tuesday. 

He crossed the line from ‘trolling’ to harassment as he launched personal and sexist  attacks at Nina Agdal, Paul’s fiancee, with frankly no relevance to the upcoming bout.

But the beef isn’t a new thing. Paul and his brother Jake Paul have been publicly feuding with Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist and Bellator MMA fighter Danis for some time now since a fight between him and ‘The Problem Child’ fell through and Jake instead fought former MMA champion Ben Askren. 

Dillon Danis (left) and Logan Paul’s (right) feud hit new toxic lows earlier this week 

Danis shared a shocking video online of Nina Agdal explicitly talking about her need for sex

The feud has consisted of bickering over girlfriends and family matters with Danis claiming he has had beef with the Pauls and fellow YouTuber-turned-boxer KSI since forever. 

‘The Pauls and I have had beef since forever,’ he tweeted when announcing the fight. 

‘Just imagine how you’d feel. Jake attacked my ex, fabricated stories about me impregnating someone, attacked my best friend’s fiancée. Logan ridiculed me for years, attacked Floyd’s wife, filmed a deceased person, scammed millions. KSI went after my mom, the list goes on.’ 

The feud began with petty digs and pranks but their upcoming fight has added fuel to the fire.

Back in December 2020, Danis was filming an episode of Food Truck Diaries with Brendan Schaub when Paul pulled up and called the 30-year-old ‘Conor McGregor’s little b***h’, before launching toilet paper and water balloons at him.

More recently, Paul has shared videos of himself challenging Conor McGregor, Danis’s training partner, to a bet of $1 million that he will ‘beat his boy’ in their October fight. 

It seemed to fall on deaf ears, so he had a second attempt at grabbing the UFC star’s attention by doubling the wager. 

Danis responded with a wager of his own, claiming if he wins, Paul has to make him his best man at his wedding.

Logan Paul’s fight against Dillion Danis will be Pay-Per-View content only available on DAZN 

He has also taken digs at Paul and KSI’s Prime drink, claiming they are using the beverage to profit off kids. 

However, the beef reportedly took a sinister turn when Paul claimed one of Danis’s friends allegedly pulled a gun.

Paul made the claim on the Flagrant 2 podcast in June 2022, saying: ‘Actually, here in New York one time, because you know Dillon, me and Jake and all have been beefing for some time…

‘We were at a party, this was when Dillon was on crutches, one of his boys pulled a gun on Mike [Majlak – Paul’s friend and podcast co-host].’

The virtual blows escalated to a new level when Danis resorted to using attacks on a third-party woman, Paul’s fiancee Agdal, to target his rival.

Danis took to trolling Paul by sharing photos of the Danish model with former boyfriends, including Leonardo DiCaprio, to his Twitter account.

Agdal previously enjoyed a one-year relationship with Oscar-winning actor DiCaprio before breaking up amicably in 2017.

The Sports Illustrated cover star has also dated Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, The Wanted singer Max George and Christie Binkley’s son Jack Brinkley-Cook.

Danis has also altered photos to make it look like Agdal has been spotted with other famous men, including Brad Pitt.  

The Danish model previously dated  Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio (left)

The former Victoria’s Secret model was with the Hollywood A-Lister for roughly a year 

Danis has been sharing photos of Agdal with other men, including photoshopped images 

He even stooped as low as photoshopping an image to make it look like Agdal was cozying up to him with X flagging the image as doctored.

Danis has also claimed to have explicit photos of the former Victoria’s Secret model. 

‘I just got another absolute nuke of a pic of Nina this one might be worse than the other one wow this girl is actually wild,’ he posted last week.

‘Logan on a man level you need to call this marriage off now.’ 

Danis alleged that Paul has served him with cease and desist papers. Sharing a photo of a naked man riding a horse, he wrote, ‘Logan on his way to defend his fiancee and serve me more cease and desist papers.’ 

He claimed in a tweet that Logan ‘reported him for targeting harassment’ and was ‘trying to get his account banned.’

‘I really can’t believe this guy, this is the biggest p***y I have ever seen. You can’t make this stuff up,’ he added. 

However, the situation reached boiling point Tuesday when Danis notched up his despicable antics by sharing an X-rated video of Agdal, simply captioning it: ‘Morning.’

Danis has carried out the attacks on Agdal in an attempt to target Paul ahead of their fight 

Danis has even claimed to have explicit photos of the Swimsuit Illustrated cover star

Agdal says in the now-viral clip: ‘By the way, I’m very proud of myself because this is the longest I’ve gone without sex since I’ve started. 

‘Obviously, it’s driving me crazy. I am struggling, I need penis inside of me, ASAP.’

She concludes the video by saying: ‘So if any of you guys know a good d*** that doesn’t have STD’s on it. I’ll take it, right here.’

After sharing the personal clip, Danis made a claim that Logan’s fiancee had a previous relationship with X owner Elon Musk – despite there being no reports or evidence to suggest this – and alleged that the Tesla founder is blocking his posts as a favor to the couple. 

In a series of Tweets shared over the last few hours, Danis claimed he had been ‘shadow banned,’ which is when someone’s account is still active but their posts do not come up in other people’s feeds or searches.

Danis shared a screenshot from an undisclosed website that said searches for his username had been ‘banned.’

He then alleged that Paul was able to have him shadow banned because his fiancée used to date Musk. 

‘Shadow banned again go follow me on Instagram,’ he wrote in one tweet posted on Tuesday evening.

He alleged that Paul was able to have him shadow banned because his fiancé used to date Elon

It’s unclear if Agdal (seen with Paul) ever dated Musk, and there is no proof of any past romance between them online

Earlier this month, Danis claimed in a tweet that Paul (seen with Agdal) ‘reported him for targeting harassment’ and was ‘trying to get his account banned’

‘Still completely shadow banned. I thought this app was bought to emphasize freedom of speech,’ he wrote in an update this morning.

Danis added in a third post: ‘They are attempting to silence me. 

‘Elon is one of Nina’s former partners. I won’t give in. “Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything.”‘

It’s unclear if Agdal ever dated Musk, and there is no proof of any past romance between them online. 

Back in July, after Agdal and Paul got engaged, Paul tweeted Musk and asked him to unsuspend Agdal’s account. The model’s profile had been taken down several years prior, but it’s not known why. 

‘My fiancée got her Twitter suspended years ago and wants to come back. @ElonMusk, can you please provide aid?’ Paul wrote.

The billionaire Tesla founder then responded, ‘Should be fixed now,’ to which Paul replied back, ‘Thanks boss. You’re invited to the wedding.’ 

Yet, being supposedly shadow banned hasn’t held Danis back from continuing his personal attacks on social media, disgustingly trying to shame Agdal with vile comparisons, including likening her to the missing Titan submersible.

He has regularly targeted the Danish model, who has almost two million followers on Instagram, as a way to get to Paul

Paul proposed to Agdal in July during the couple’s romantic getaway in Lake Como 

If Danis’s attempts to use his fiancee to attack him is getting to him, Paul isn’t letting it show.

He claimed he had enough dirt on Danis and his family to retaliate but insisted he wouldn’t stoop that low.

‘I love this girl so f****ng much, [the relationship] is so much stronger,’ Paul said on his Impaulsive podcast Wednesday. 

‘Nothing will get between us, not some fake internet troll. His life has devolved to being a pretend fighter. He’s attacking an uninvolved third-party, a woman. That’s all he has and I get it, all is fair in love and war. The amount of dirt I have on him sitting in my phone, but do I want to go there?’

Also on the podcast, KSI claimed that Danis had also tried to use his girlfriend to target attacks after their collapsed bout in January.

‘It got to a period where he started going at my girlfriend and started to look for pictures of my girlfriend,’ KSI said.

‘When he was going down that route, that’s when I was like, bro, “You’re not even fighting me.” Like, what is going on?’ 

Danis pulled out of a fight against KSI on January 14 at Wembley Arena with the YouTube star’s manager claiming the MMA star was underprepared and didn’t have a coach. 

Paul (right) has insisted his relationship with Agdal (second from right) is stronger, despite Danis’s (left) trolling 

Danis (left) is best known for being the long-time training partner of McGregor (right)

Danis was due to take on KSI (pictured) at Wembley Arena on January 14

KSI and Danis’s beef started in November when Danis slapped the YouTube star in the face at a Misfits weigh-in.

They quickly arranged to settle their differences in the ring, but Danis did not show up to the press conference in London and eventually pulled out. 

Paul is clearly no saint but Danis has disrespected the unspoken boundaries of trash talking. 

His actions, while supposedly targeted at Paul, are frankly an attack on women and should have no place in – or out of – the ring. 

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