Fury and Paul stats show one fighter is clearly the bigger puncher

Tommy Fury guarantees he will show up for Jake Paul fight

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Statistics show that Tommy Fury is a more clinical finisher than Jake Paul. Despite having a lower overall knockout percentage, it takes Fury almost two minutes less to stop his opponents.

This is according to data compiled by Midnite who have taken a deep dive into both men’s pro boxing fights and their average stoppage times. In Fury’s eight-fight professional career, he has averaged a 50% knockout rate while Paul has a rate of 66.67% from six fights.

However, Paul gets a knockout every 18 minutes and 30 seconds or every 6.5 rounds. Meanwhile, the Brit averages a knockout every 16 minutes 53 seconds or every 6 rounds.

Fury has also fought a lot of journeymen, who by nature are more negative with their work and are harder to break down. Paul has long been hailed for his one-punch knockout power and has a highlight reel of devastating finishes to prove it. Heavy stoppage wins over Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley and Nate Robinson have cemented him as one of the hardest hitters in the influencer boxing sphere.

But Fury can certainly dig them in as well. Former Commonwealth light heavyweight champion Lyndon Arthur, who sparred TNT when he was starting out as a professional, can attest to that and claims that Fury is the ‘hardest puncher’ he has ever been hit by.

“This was years ago so he’s probably a completely different human being from five, six years ago or whenever it was. He’s good, I tell you what he’s probably the hardest person I’ve been punched off,” Arthur told BBTV Boxing. “He was [heavy-handed] back then and I don’t think much has changed.


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“But back then he was definitely one of the hardest I’ve been hit by doing technique. You know when you block the punches and you feel it on your arms, strange power, strange power.”

Fury and Paul will finally square off on February 26 in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. After two failed attempts to make it happen in December 2021 and August 2022, the pair are both over in the middle east adding the finishing touches to their preparations.

If the fight falls apart in the final few hours once again then UFC veteran Mike Perry is on standby. Meanwhile, boxing fans could end up seeing the long-awaited grudge match twice this year if Fury wins with a rematch clause signed into the contract in the event that Tyson’s brother gets his hand raised.

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