Floyd Mayweather shows his class in dominant exhibition fight

Floyd Mayweather long-awaited UK debut plays out in front of a near-empty O2 Arena as he shows that age is just a numb

  • Floyd Mayweather produced another dominant showing in an exhibition fight
  • Former pound-for-king Mayweather took on reality tv star Aaron Chalmers
  • The American showed he has still got it just a day after his 46th birthday 

Floyd Mayweather’s latest exhibition fight ended with no result being awarded in his eight-round against English reality tv star Aaron Chalmers.

The undefeated American was making his England debut after failing to fight in the UK during his reign at the top of the super featherweight and lightweight divisions, and made easy work of his latest opponent.

The ‘Royal Pain’ event was painfully delayed after a poor attendance at the start of proceedings combined with reports of thousands of unsold tickets at the O2 Arena.

The scheduled six-round catchweight fight represented an easy payday for Mayweather who emerged to a live rap performer chanting his ‘The Money Team’ slogan, while for Chalmers this was an opportunity to announce himself on the celebrity boxer merry-go-round.

46-year-old Mayweather opted to welcome his opponent to the clash by allowing Chalmers to land a few jabs before he was eventually forced into a corner for the remainder of the round.

Floyd Mayweather (right) showed no signs of ring rust in his exhibition fight against Aaron Chalmers (left)

Reality television star Chalmers (yellow shorts) went eight rounds against former pro Mayweather

Former multi-weight title holder Mayweather (seated) enjoyed a comfortable showing against Chalmers on Saturday evening

Mayweather (right) never looked troubled by his plucky television star opponent

Mayweather then began to let his famously quick hands fly a bit more in the second and third round, with Harrison unable to go on the offence by the former pound-for-pound king’s ringwork.

Further control followed in the fourth round but Mayweather appeared unhurried to end the match against lesser option as Chalmers was allowed the freedom to try and land a few of his own punches.

The sixth round ought to have ended the fight and top off another dominant Mayweather showing before two additional rounds was announced to the crowd.

Obviously the move was pre-planned as a comfortable Mayweather relaxed on top of the ropes before jumping back into the thick of the action and landing some tidy combinations that stalled Chalmers from striding forwards.

A bright spell for the underdog at the end of the seventh spurned encouragment from the crowd but did nothing to cause Mayweather any serious concern.

The event’s running theme of not announcing a judges winner continued and both fighter’s left the ring with their arms aloft. 

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