Ex-UFC champion warns Jake Paul he is ‘doomed’ if he fights Nate Diaz in MMA

Ex-UFC champion Rafael Dos Anjos thinks Jake Paul would be “doomed” if he faced Nate Diaz in an MMA bout.

Paul recently overcame Dos Anjos’ former nemesis in a one-sided boxing bout. Despite a hostile atmosphere at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, the former YouTuber secured a comfortable unanimous decision victory over the Californian.

Shortly after the match, Paul challenged Diaz to a “$10m MMA bout” which would be promoted by the Professional Fighters League (PFL). Fans were even given a brief glimpse of what may happen if they did, as Diaz wrapped his arm around Paul’s neck and got him into a textbook guillotine headlock.

While Paul was confident he would have been able to escape the move, the Brazilian believes the ex-Disney star would land himself in a world of trouble if he faced Diaz under MMA conditions.

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“Nate is a fighter,” Dos Anjos said to TMZ Sport. “He got good jiu-jitsu, he has that mentality, the fighter mentality. It’s a real fight.

“When you go to the ground and elbows and knees… it’s a different game. I think Jake Paul can train as much as he wants, he don’t beat Nate Diaz in an MMA fight. “

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Diaz himself even laughed about the chokehold he managed to trap Paul in during the bout. When asked about the idea of fighting Paul in MMA, Diaz replied: "I hooked him with a single leg in the seventh and a headlock in the 9th. I’ve already won that battle.”

Paul has beaten the likes of Diaz, Anderson Silva, Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley – the latter on two occasions – but he has never competed in a professional mixed martial arts bout before. He currently commands a 7-1 boxing record, where his only defeat came against Tommy Fury – his one and only fight against a professional boxer.

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But despite his lack of experience in MMA, Paul is confident he would overcome Diaz. "He f****ng choked me, he was actually choking me,” Paul laughed, when asked about the headlock. “No, he actually was. I was like 'This was crazy'. I didn't think he was going to stop but he had it in, obviously I wasn't going to try and defend it.

"It's just funny, that's why I want to do the rematch back in MMA. It's fun man, I'm with all the s***. If it was in MMA, I would have dropped to double leg then picked him up and dropped him on his head.”

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