Ex-Tyson opponent was fighting in ring hours before he KO’d rowdy Boxpark punter

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Boxpark bouncer Julius Francis reportedly raised money for cancer just hours before knocking out a rowdy trouble-maker.

Former British boxing champion Francis, 57, stunned fans on social media when it was discovered he was working as a security guard at Wembley’s Boxpark venue. The revelation came on Saturday (June 11) after Francis delivered a brutal one-punch knockout to a man who was filmed abusing, spitting and hitting customers and staff.

But it has now been revealed that despite the heavyweight’s size and devastating power, he is “one of the nicest people”. Kugan Cassius, who owns and runs YouTube boxing channel iFL TV, took to Twitter to announce Francis had fought in a charity boxing bout the previous day to raise money for a cancer victim.

Cassius wrote: “Went a little under the radar, but last Friday Julius Francis at 57 fought ex pro Dan Cadman in a charity fight in order to raise money for Mark Potter who is sadly battling cancer.

“Julius Francis is one of the most respectful and nicest people in the sport .”

Francis’ altercation went viral week after he was caught on camera wiping out a punter with a savage right hook. A man wearing a blue durag could be seen shoving and hurling abuse at multiple people in footage uploaded on social media.

The ruffian also yelled profanities at Francis, saying: “I hope you have a heart attack, you fat ****” before shoving a smaller security guard. He appeared to be walking away until he suddenly appeared to raise his fist at Francis, who in turn knocked him clean out.

Police launched a probe into the incident, but that was later dropped with "no further action" to be taken.

Boxpark CEO Roger Wade has also voiced his support for the ex-boxer, saying: “He is one of the nicest people I have ever met and helps train young underprivileged kids boxing in his spare time.”

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