Ebanie Bridges meets ‘mega balls’ boxer who admitted to ‘fantasising’ over her

After weeks of shooting his shot, boxing prodigy Brandon Scott finally met Ebanie Bridges.

The 19-year-old featherweight has barraged his way onto the scene with promising performances in the ring and borderline outrageous stunts and comments away from it. He has already amused fans by dressing as Spiderman and Superman in press conferences, with the latter outfit consisting of a pair of budgie smugglers and a tiny red cape.

However, his behaviour and charming confidence has also seen him attract the attention of IBF bantamweight world champion and fellow Matchroom star Bridges. After admitting he has been fantasising over the Blonde Bomber, he was finally able to meet the Australian star.

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Scott and Bridges were both in attendance to watch Leigh Wood’s dramatic victory over Josh Warrington. At some point during the night, Bridges posed for a picture with Scott, who currently boasts a record of six victories and zero defeats.

“Nice to meet the very entertaining Brandon Scott last night,” Bridges wrote to her 335,700 followers on X, formerly known as Twitter. Scott then retweeted the photograph and laughed: “finally met the Bond girl.”

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Before their first meeting, Scott and Bridges had been retweeting and commenting each other, to the amusement of their supporters. Bridges started the conversation when she reacted to a funny exchange which saw Scott interrogate Eddie Hearn.

The youngster boldly asked Hearn why he has not been able to make a fight between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, before getting the Matchroom Chief to rate rival promotions such as Boxxer and Queensbury Promotions out of ten. After watching the clip, Bridges tagged Scott and said: “haha brilliant, you know what you’re doing Brandon, well done,” alongside a winking emoji.

The excited youngster then replied: “now I’m fantasising about lying in bed with you saying the exact same thing,” alongside a laughing face. Impressed by his confidence, Bridges said: “kids gotta shoot his shot right? You know what they say, ‘shoot for the moon’, it’s always good to dream Brandon.”

Referencing a time he dressed up as James Bond for a weigh-in, the cheeky teenager then said: “Don’t give me a challenge. I’ve shown Eddie what I’m capable of. You want to be my Bond Girl? My Blonde…James Blonde?” Taken aback by his cheekiness, Bridges praised him for having “some mega balls” and for “shooting his shot at the Blonde Bomber.”

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