Ebanie Bridges makes cheeky joke as Snooker World Championships stars tied at 69

Ebaine Bridges made a rather lewd quip to her followers while enjoying herself at the Snooker World Championships.

The Blonde Bomber posted an image on Twitter of the ringside view of Stuart Bingham and Haotian Lyu’s contest. With the game then levelled at 69, she wrote in the caption: “Tied at 69 they musta known I was coming #69rs #IYKYK #Snooker #SnookerWorldChampionships.”

Bingham made it through to the second round with a 10-5 victory over Haotian. But with the game at 4-8 and at 69 points apiece, the Aussie boxer could not resist the urge to make a joke in relation to the number that's also known as being a well-known sex position.

Meanwhile, Bridges hit back at critics of her saucy weigh-in stunts. She has a tradition in which she will strip down to racy lingerie at weigh-ins, leaving not much to the imagination as she enters the podium wearing a bra and pants.

After defeating Maria Cecilia Roman and being crowned the IBF Bantamweight champion on March 25, the 35-year-old fumed over criticism of her skimpy showings, saying that they are in their mum’s basement "probably w***ing".

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She said to iFL TV: “I know that putting my name out there and making waves and needing people to see you is how you sell, no one’s going to do it for me.

“Some people just don’t know s*** about boxing,” she said. “They just don’t like me. I’m the one making money and they’re in their mum’s basement probably w***ing over my lingerie pics on the scales, that’s who they are. They’re just jealous, maybe that I’m not there messaging them back, that’s probably who it is.”

Bridges, who is signed to Matchroom Boxing, leaves some viewers howling with laughter with her antics as her promoter Eddie Hearn is forced to look away.

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