Deji digs out Floyd Mayweather after giving ex-world champ a black eye in fight

YouTuber Deji took aim at Floyd Mayweather after the all-time great was left sporting a black eye following their exhibition bout in Dubai.

The pair headlined the show at the Coca Cola Arena, although it seemed an easy night of work for 'The Money Man' as he ducked and weaved and deliberately missed punches in a bid to prolong matters. Mayweather also danced around with a ring girl's card between rounds, before eventually stopping his opponent in the sixth.

The night had threatened to descend into farce after the main event was delayed due to Mayweather's refusal to enter the arena until Jake Paul left the building. 'The Problem Child' had earlier been involved in an altercation with Tommy Fury and dad John after the Englishman's fight with Rolly Lambert.

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But despite being comprehensively outboxed when things did get underway, Deji was defiant afterwards, claiming Mayweather's style wasn't what he was accustomed to: "I mean, it was very unorthodox," he said. "I'm normally used to sparring people who are more technical. He was just having fun in there and doing whatever. He was talking a lot."

Prior to the bout, KSI's brother had voiced his intention to damage the star with at least one punch. And the influencer celebrated the fact that he at least made a mark, literally, on the undefeated former world champion

“I heard that only five people have cut Floyd," crowed Deji, in what was his fifth bout. "So now I can add myself to that list of people who have cut Floyd!”

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Afterwards, Mayweather was far from perturbed about his black eye though, saying: “I'm glad that Deji landed a good shot. This is part of fighting, this is part of entertaining,” he said.

Indeed, boxing fans seemed to praise the efforts of the underdog, with @thrhythmmthd tweeting: "Conor McGregor never left a mark on Mayweather. But KSI’s brother gave him a black eye."

"Wow dude gave Mayweather a black eye that’s a W in my book" said @realjhood. @YoungDox9 argued: "He didn't lose to the best boxer of all time and gave Mayweather a black eye, how many people can say they did that? Proud of you Deji."


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