Danis makes joke about friend of Logan Paul's past heroin addiction

Dillion Danis makes sick jokes about Mike Majlak’s past heroin addiction as he turns his personal attacks on Logan Paul’s friends after ridiculing his fiancee Nina Agdal ahead of their fight

  • Logan Paul and Dillon Danis are scheduled to face off in the ring on October 14 
  • The MMA fighter has been ridiculing Paul’s fiancee Nina Agdal in the build-up 
  • Danis has now turned to Paul’s friend Mike Majlak bringing up his past addiction 

Dillon Danis has continued his social media offensive against Logan Paul, by launching a personal attack on his friend Mike Majlak.

Paul will make his return to the ring against Danis on October 14, in the joint main event of a card which also includes KSI vs Tommy Fury.

Their feud has reached a toxic level, with Danis launching a continuous string of attacks against Paul, targeting his fiancee Nina Agdal in an attempt to gain a mental advantage on the YouTube star. 

Danis has now turned his attention to Paul’s friends, and has made a sick joke about Majlak’s past heroin addiction.

Majlak, a co-host of Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, had a spat with Danis on social media after the MMA star commented on one of his photos.

Dillon Danis has continued his feud with Logan Paul ahead of their October 14 bout

Danis brought up Logan Paul’s friend Mike Majlak’s (left) past heroin addiction

Majlak posted this response to Danis’ post that he was ‘going to bully him so hard he starts taking heroin again’

After a post in which Majlak is seen flexing in a picture and says he weighs 260 pounds, Danis commented: ‘Crazy Mike weighs less than Nina’s body count.’

Majlak in response wrote: ‘Bro how can you be training if you’re tweeting all day. I knowwww you’re gonna use all this X revenue for that pullout clause payment.’

It was in response to that message on X, formerly known as Twitter, that Danis brought up Majlak’s past heroin addiction.

‘You’re literally Logan Paul’s c**rag,’ he wrote with laughing emojis. ‘Shut your mouth before I bully you so bad you start taking heroin again.’

Majlak responded to Danis’ comment, but instead of firing an insult back, he stated that he was proud for overcoming his past addiction.

He said: ‘Yes Dillon, I did have an opiate problem 13 years ago like many Americans sadly do.

‘It is an ever-growing issue that doesn’t get enough attention. I am proud of myself for overcoming it and acting as an inspiration to the millions who still suffer.’

Danis, who did not apologise for his comments, responded: ‘I ain’t reading all that, good for you tho or sorry that happened.’

Danis has previously targeted Paul’s fiancee Nina Agdal in a series of social media posts

Paul’s fight with Danis is a joint main event alongside KSI’s bout with Tommy Fury next month

The fighter who holds a 5-4 MMA record has targeted Paul’s fiancee Agdal in recent days, previously sharing pictures of her with celebrities including Leonardo Di Caprio, LeBron James and even former Manchester United star Diego Forlan.  

Speaking on his Impaulsive podcast last week, Paul claimed that he will not let Danis get in between him and his fiance after proposing to Agdal earlier in the year.

‘I love this girl so f****ng much, [the relationship] is so much stronger,’ Paul said.

‘Nothing will get between us, not some fake internet troll. His life has devolved to being a pretend fighter. 

‘He’s attacking an uninvolved third-party, a woman. That’s all he has and I get it, all is fair in love and war. The amount of dirt I have on him sitting in my phone, but do I want to go there?’

Danis and Majlak previously exchanged words after the MMA fighter posted an explicit video with what seemed to be Paul’s fiancee – only for it to be later confirmed that it was someone else.

Raising the question as to who the girl in the video was, Majlak said: ‘Now that it’s been confirmed that wasn’t Nina, the main question is who is that girl?’

Danis responded: ‘Mike, you’re mad weird. That’s your best friend’s fiancee! Logan needs to cut you off the payroll ASAP.’

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