Danis comes clean on the REAL reason he pulled out of KSI fight

Dillon Danis takes a lie detector test and comes clean on the REAL reason he pulled out of his fight with KSI – and REFUSES to confirm his clash with Logan Paul will take place

  • Danis and KSI were set for an anticipated clash at Wembley earlier this year  
  • The MMA fighter backed out of a bout just over week before it was scheduled
  • While using a lie detector, Danis rejected the idea that he was ‘scared’ of the Brit

Dillon Danis has explained why he pulled out of his bout with KSI and dismissed any speculation he was ‘scared’ to fight the Brit. 

The MMA star is set to go up against Logan Paul at the AO Arena in Manchester on October 14 having withdrawn from Misfits 004 in January just ten days before the event. 

That shock decision convinvinced many that he’d also back out of Saturday’s clash but while taking part in a lie detector challenge for DAZN Boxing’s Youtube channel, Danis set the record straight. 

The 29-year-old dismissed KSI as a worthy opponent and claimed the bout presented him with a ‘lose-lose’ scenario.

‘He’s a p****,’ Danis said. ‘I just think KSI’s a nobody, it was a lose-lose for me and beating him was like ‘who cares?’ I don’t know, I didn’t really care about fighting him at all.

Danis was plugged into a lie detector as he answered questions about the bout in January

KSI made light work dispatching of Faze Temperrr in Dillon Danis’s absence at the OVO Arena

Danis said Paul’s fight against Floyd Maywheather adds credibility to his bout against the American 

‘I think me and the Pauls have had a lot of history and there’s a lot more storyline, me and KSI never had a storyline.

‘I think he’s a loser, he’s not a real fighter, he’s a video gamer, brought nothing to me. Logan has actually boxed Floyd Mayweather so at least he brings a little bit of credibility and it’s better.

‘I think KSI sucks and I would have starched him… He’s working for me, I sold this whole fight so he’s my b****, tell him to take the bandana off and show his forehead, both of them!’ 

Danis and Paul have been locked in a bitter feud in the lead up to the fight. 

He was hit with a restraining order over harassment after posting old pictures and videos of Paul’s fiancee, Nina Agdal, and made a series of X-rated comments.

Model Agdal alleged she had ‘suffered humiliation, emotional distress and reputational harm’ from Danis’ posts and has officially filed a lawsuit.

Danis has also hinted he may withdraw from the fight, saying: ‘Logan bragging about lawsuits. He isn’t built for the fight game, this p**** doesn’t deserve me. I’m out.’ 

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