Conor McGregor hails 'incredible' Demetrious Johnson after knockout

‘Quite incredible again from ‘Mighty Mouse!”: Conor McGregor leads tributes to Demetrious Johnson as former UFC great delivers picture-perfect KO to win back ONE Championship title

  • Demetrious Johnson regained his Flyweight title after defeating Adriano Moraes
  • He pulled off a stunning flying knee knockout to the head in the fourth round
  • The 36-year-old avenged his ONE Championship loss to Moraes back in 2021 
  • Conor McGregor has lead the plaudits on Twitter describing him as ‘incredible’

Conor McGregor has described Demetrious Johnson’s knockout win against Adriano Moraes as ‘incredible’, after the American won back his ONE Championship flyweight title. 

The Irish MMA star was full of praise for ‘the mighty mouse’ after his stunning win, sealed with a vicious flying knee to the head of his Brazilian opponent in the fourth round to avenge his defeat from the year before. 

Johnson, 36, was the inaugural UFC Flyweight Champion, defending his title successfully 11 times before being traded for ONE Championship’s Ben Askren – a point which many on social media have focused on. 

Former UFC Flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson handed Adriano Moraes a vicious KO

Johnson pursued Moraes into the fence and unleashing a vicious flying knee for the KO

McGregor – perhaps most outspoken figure – took to Twitter to hail Johnson’s revenge victory, writing: ‘Quite incredible yet again by the mighty mouse!’

And he was joined in his praise by numerous fans, with one adding: ‘Demetrius Johnson will go down in history as one of the best to do it. 

‘Just a special fighter through and through.’

A second claimed: ‘There’s no denying Demetrius Johnson is the GOAT. The man made an incredible bounce back making his previous loss look like a fluke.’ 

When the two last faced each other it was Moraes who came out on top

The Brazilian inflicted a knockout defeat on the ‘Mighty Mouse’ in the second round 

A third Twitter user wrote: ‘There is no way Demetrious Johnson ain’t the goat his transition game is insane, tiny for the weight, and he been in this champ s*** for 10 years now across 2 divisions. 

‘Legitimately can’t think of how anybody else can have a better argument to being goat. 36 years old,’ followed by a goat emoji.

And a fourth said: ‘Demetrius Johnson is the mother F’n [GOAT] put some respect on his damn name. Man what a fight last night.’

Widely considered as one of the greatest martial-artists of all time, the ‘Mighty Mouse’ held the UFC Flyweight division title for almost six years, defending successfully 11 times. 

However, just two months after a split decision loss brought an end to his reign he was traded to ONE Championship for Askren, in a deal that still receives scathing criticism on social media. 

Following Johnson’s most recent exploits, one fan wrote: ‘DEMETRIOUS JOHNSON IS AN ANIMAL! I will always hate the UFC for trading him for Ben Askren smh.’

Former UFC double champion Conor Mcgregor described Johnson’s win as ‘quite incredible’

A second added: ‘The fact that Demetrious Johnson would still be the ufc champion annoys me. They got rid of this GOAT for Ben “funky” Askern.’

And another Twitter user said: ‘I’m still kinda blown away by the UFC’s moronic trade of Demetrious Johnson for Ben Askern. 

‘Like if you’re gonna trade anybody, it shouldn’t be one of your top fighters.’

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