BBC host who says her ‘boobs honk car horn’ leaves Ebanie Bridges speechless

BBC Sport favourite Emma Louise Jones has wowed boxing world champion Ebanie Bridges with her latest bedroom snap.

Jones, who hosts MOTDx as well as the official Leeds United podcast, has a huge social media following which includes Bridges as well as more than 375,000 others.

In her latest offering, Jones posed on her bed in a revealing black dress while asking for karaoke song suggestions – with Bridges responding with two emojis.

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The IBF bantamweight queen used the shock face emoji as well as the wind emoji, which is also used to represent 'smoking'.

Jones responded with a white love heart, thanks to their shared love of Leeds United, with the post bringing in thousands of likes in a matter of hours.

Jones is a fan favourite in the football community thanks to her hosting skills as well as social media usage, recently opening up about a comical tale from her early career.

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Jones caught up with former colleague Jason Fox on Crunch & Roll, then said: "So, when I drove my little BMW 1 series, I am one of those people who like, kisses the steering wheel when they drive.

"But that meant when I got out, you know, everything was towards the steering wheel, so I would accidentally knock the horn with my, erm, breasts.

"And it used to scare the s**t out of me!"

The presenter also brushes off fake accounts of herself being made on dating sites, often laughing when they change her age on the platform.

"New day, new name, and new quote," Jones recently posted on her Instagram story, accompanied by some emojis of somebody putting their head into their hands.

The previous month had seen another account impersonating Jones, listing her age as 35 when she is actually only 32. "If you're going to fake a Tinder profile, please don't make me older,” Jones said on social media.


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