Tennis bad-boy Nick Kyrgios likes sex before games but not with "tennis chicks"

Aussie tennis maverick Nick Kyrgios loves a good smash – whether it's on or off the court.

The 27-year-old advanced to the semi-final of Wimbledon after sweeping past Cristian Garin in three sets on Wednesday and is being strongly tipped to make the final with his next opponent, Rafa Nadal, struggling with an abdominal injury.

Despite once blaming a string of poor performances on "being horny", Kyrgios admitted a few years ago that he loves getting 'a few strokes' in before a big match – so expect him to arrive on Centre Court fully 'warmed up' tomorrow.

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There's an unwritten rule in tennis that you should abstain from sex before a match, though it's one notorious rule-breaker Kyrgios has no interest in following.

"I don’t abide by that rule," he told GQ Australia in 2015. "I don’t abide by that at all."

The cocky Australian added that while he gets "plenty of girls", he tends to avoid bonking any of his fellow players because news "travels fast".

"I won’t say any [names], but mate, a lot goes on. What happens on tour gets around fast, so you have to be careful. That’s why I don’t mess with any tennis chicks," he insisted.

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Kyrgios has been the talk of the town since the tournament began and has been turning heads with his eccentric playing style and (occasionally) charming arrogance.

He's clashed with umpires, berated fans, abused line judges and squabbled with opponents, but love him or loathe him, Kyrgios' blockbuster personality is winning him plenty of fans, and it might well win him his first Grand Slam title by the end of the week too.


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