Snooker fans blast BBC decision to axe John Virgo and Dennis Taylor – Clueless!

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John Virgo and Dennis Taylor are set to leave their posts as the BBC’s main snooker commentators in a years’ time, with the duo having gone through the highs and lows of the sport for 30 years. And the news has been criticised heavily by fans of the sport, with one supporter claiming that the BBC’s decision to axe them was ‘clueless’.

Reports broke on Thursday that Virgo and Taylor were set to leave the BBC after the conclusion of the 2023 World Snooker Championship. Virgo had anticipated the call for change after announcing that he was expecting to be replaced in September.

Much like the retirement of John Motson, who was widely dubbed as the ‘voice of football’, Virgo and Taylor have been coined with the term ‘the voices of snooker’. Fans and pundits alike believe the sport will never be the same again with their departures, despite being granted a ‘stay of execution’ until the end of next year’s tournament.

And many were not afraid to vent their anger at the decision, with one claiming that the BBC were ‘clueless’.

“Clueless BBC,” @IanKilday2 tweeted.

“Virgo knows the game inside out. I despair with them and sport.. Utterly useless that’s why ITV has horse racing”. Another user with the handle @blairsupporter said that the decision was a ‘mistake’.

“BIG mistake. You can’t put wise heads on young(er) shoulders. Experience counts,” they said . Meanwhile, @u74ir vented their anger with a short use of expletives.

“Wtf! @BBC sort yourselves out,” the angry snooker fan said.

And there were plenty of other complaints in the comments on Express’ report of the situation, with one reader commenting: ‘If they are dropped I shan’t be watching in the future’.

Virgo admitted in September that he would not ‘beg’ for the job if he was to be replaced.

“I wouldn’t have been like this 30 years ago, I would have been fighting my corner,” Virgo said.

“But I’ve realised – and it’s taken me a long time to realise it – not to get caught up in something you have no control of. I can’t have any bad feelings.

“Maybe it’s a working-class attitude I’ve been brought up with but there’s b***** all I can do about it, so why get bothered? I’m not going to go round on my hands and knees begging for a job.

“I’m past that. So I’ll just get on with what I’m doing, enjoy it and treasure every moment. I understand that you get over a certain age and they want to try something different.”

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