Shaun Murphy produces ‘snooker shot of the century’ with ‘god mode activated’

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    Shaun Murphy turned on 'God mode' with an incredible shot on his way to the Welsh Open final.

    The former World Snooker Championship winner is searching for his first tournament win since triumphing at the same event three years ago, and on Saturday came up against Junxu Pang in the semi final. But it wasn't just the English player's 6-3 win that fans were left lauding afterwards.

    Murphy, 40, has thus far been in tremendous form in Llandudno. In fact, his most turbulent moment came in his hotel room, when a seagull seemingly nabbed his Terry's Chocolate Orange through the window.

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    And trailing 18-58 in the opening frame against the Chinese player, Murphy appeared to be left with an impossible shot. With the white stuck behind the black on the bottom cushion, there was no sighting of the red that hovered over the middle right cushion.

    It mattered little to 'The Magician', who lived up to his nickname with an amazing shot, deliberately cannoning the white into the bottom right pocket. It went off at an angle to the top end of the table, and then side spin saw it roll back towards the red and knock it in.

    Murphy promptly stood up and told fans: "That was pretty good, wasn't it?!" And on social media, he lapped up adulation. "Shot of this century," wrote @david3yrne. "Mr Murphy is on fire."

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    @yours_munky added: "God mode activated," while @kenanmehmet7 wrote: "Special moment for snooker's history. Outrageous. Magic from the magician." And John Virgo was equally excited on commentary, exclaiming: "I told you he was a magician."

    More importantly for Murphy though, he pushed on to secure a final birth against compatriot Robert Milkins. The pair were locked at 4-4 following the first session on Sunday, with the contest the best-of-17 frames.

    The star is on the comeback trail after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery last year, having 80% of his stomach removed. Murphy has since explained the effects of the procedure, admitting he now struggles to finish so much as a cup of coffee.


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