Ronnie O’Sullivan confirms plans to ‘grapple’ UFC star Paddy ‘the Baddy’ Pimblett

Ronnie O'Sullivan explains why he made a 146 in 2016

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Ronnie O’Sullivan has discussed plans to grapple with UFC hotshot Paddy ‘the Baddy’ Pimblett. The snooker icon is fresh from a seventh World Championship triumph, and with little urgency to press on in an arena where he has already accomplished all there is to accomplish, he looks set to try out other areas of interest.

The Rocket is set to take time out from snooker, presenting him with an opportunity to head down other avenues after his recent Crucible triumph. A seventh title took him level with Stephen Hendry at the top of the all-time list amid growing claims that O’Sullivan is the sport’s GOAT. 

An alternative passion that the Essex-based star has already discussed is UFC. O’Sullivan has been spotted at fight nights before, and is mates with Pimblett who has taken the sport by storm with his vibrant personality. 

“I was always a boxing fan but then I watched a couple of UFC fights and I absolutely loved it,” said the Rocket. “The grappling, there is such skill involved in that, then there’s the fighting side of it.

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“I’m into UFC, cage fighting, even Cage Warriors, the guys who are coming up. Some of those fights are brutal because they want to get to the UFC and they’re fighting for their lives there.

“I went to Paddy’s gym to watch his drills and I was open at the time to getting into a cage to do a bit of sparring. At some stage I will go to the gym in Liverpool and get grappling.”

Pimblett had his first UFC fight in 2021 after years working his way through the ranks with Cage Warriors. Since making the step up, he has achieved two first-round victories over Luigi Vendramini and Rodrigo Vargas while capturing the hearts and minds of fans with his boisterous personality. On both occasions, he was awarded Performance of the Night.

At 46-years-old, O’Sullivan is unlikely to switch professions completely and start getting bashed up for a living. Only last week he became the oldest World Snooker Champion of all time, eclipsing the previous record held by Rar Reardon. Although some time away from the table may be on the immediate horizon, he suggested that he will come back to take the record once and for all after defeating Trump.

“That’s probably my greatest result against someone,” he said. “This tournament brings out the worst in me but we’ll probably go again next year.

“It was a joy for me to be out there playing. I’m just enjoying my snooker again. I think I was wrong when I said it should move from here – it definitely should stay at the Crucible.”

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