Rafael Nadal rushed to three hospitals to find MRI scan on Wimbledon injury

Rafael Nadal pursued an MRI scan days before he came close to retiring from his Wimbledon campaign.

Before his quarter-final win against Taylor Fritz, Nadal had a scan for an abdominal injury, reports the Express. It is thought Nadal was desperately seeking an MRI scan on Sunday and the Spaniard requested an official tournament driver to take him to a hospital. The plan proved trickier than first thought, though, as the tennis superstar was taken to three separate hospitals in search of the procedure.

Nadal, 36, defeated Fritz but the veteran player required off-court medical treatment – such as anti-inflammatories and an analgesic – during his five-set win, while his family and team were asking him to quit throughout the match owing to the pain he was in. He wore a bandage strapped around his stomach during the contest as he heroically progressed through.

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The star has even admitted there are doubts he will be able to take to the court for his semi-final against Nick Kyrgios. After the victory against Fritz, he said that he "had that idea [to retire] for such a long time".

Nadal now has just 24 hours in to recover before facing the Aussie- with a serious chance that he may have to pull out altogether. When asked about his chances of making the match, he replied: "I don't know. Honestly, I can't give you a clear answer because, if I gave you a clear answer and tomorrow another thing happens, I will be a liar.

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"I don't have a decision. I need to know different opinions and I need to check everything the proper way. That is something more important than winning Wimbledon, that is health."

Rumours had done the rounds that he may look to quit the tournament, but Nadal has said that he has the ambition to march on: "I just wanted to give myself a chance. Not easy to leave the tournament.

"Not easy to leave Wimbledon, even if the pain was hard. I wanted to finish. That's what I did. I fought. I'm proud about my fighting spirit and the way that I managed to be competitive under those conditions."

After he was quizzed on whether he will be ready to play, he replied: "I don't know. Yeah, tomorrow I going to have some more tests. But difficult to know."


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