John Higgins loses his cool vs Ronnie O’Sullivan at World Championship – ‘He is furious’

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John Higgins was clearly feeling the pressure during his World Snooker championship semi-final match with Ronnie O’Sullivan. In a rare show of frustration, the usually cool, calm and collected 46-year-old forcibly slammed his cue into the floor.

After several surprising misses, the incident took place at the start of the 23rd frame while trailing 13-9. The Scot missed an attempted long red to the corner pocket and proceeded to slam his cue against the iconic Crucible carpet in anger.

This prompted a huge gasp from the Crucible crowd, as well as those on commentary. “That was something that made him furious,” Neil Foulds said.

“That’s a collectors item, seeing John Higgins get that annoyed at the table. He’s furious. You could easily smash your cue. The weight can go loose,” Jimmy White added.

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“With John, he pots this 49 times out of 50. He’s still got the frustration from the game before.” Before Alan McManus added: “That is a collector’s item. You can do your cue a lot of damage there.

“John doesn’t have his best stuff with him so in part, he’s been waiting on Ronnie dipping a bit but Ronnie ain’t having any of it. He is right on the top of his game. It’s as good as I’ve ever seen him play at the Crucible.

“It’s almost been shades of eighteen years ago. He beat Stephen Hendry 17-4 in the semi-final and I believe that’s the single best match Ronnie’s ever played in his life. It was surgical precision and that’s what it is today. He’s picking the table apart when he gets his chance. John doesn’t have any answers I’m afraid.”


Higgins strode over to his chair, still visibly raging at both the miss and no doubt, his very uncharacteristic reaction to it. Dave Hendon added: “He just could not stop himself, could he?

“Yes, it is a worrying sign for his supporters. It is an accumulation of what happened in the last frame and then at the start of this one.” Higgins is now trailing 15-9 ahead of tonight’s session and O’Sullivan will hope to close it out and reach another World Championship final.

In the other enthralling semi-final, Mark Williams’ miraculous comeback was thwarted by Judd Jump, who prevailed 17-16 in an epic encounter.


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