Glamorous girls land brutal hits in Slap Fighting Championship – then hug it out

The 2022 Arnold Classic Slap Fighting Championships has seen two female contestants come to blows on stage – before sharing a touching hug.

Adrianna “Flychanelle” Sledz and Julia Kruzer were seen whacking each other at the event as part of their slap flight, before hugging it out. A video of the bout has been seen almost 200,00 times now, with viewers enjoying the spectacle of it all.

One quipped: “Will Smith would dominate these two!”

Another said: “I can't believe Arnold seems to be into this sort of thing, it doesn't seem like a sport and this is coming from a guy who likes combat sports and mma, this just seems to be like something you'd find in a hole in the wall bar.”

Others complained that some of the competitors were cheating. One wrote: “That blonde was cheating, chin tucking. Any time someone tucks chin and holds shoulders up should get 2 slaps to the face..”

Another said: “She keeps tucking her chin to her f****** neck like it's one piece and then complains for getting hit on the neck, tf were the judges doing?”

Sledz won the match on the judge’s decision.

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The Arnold Classic Slap Fighting Championships is a project collaboration between seven-time Mr Olympia champion Schwarzenegger and a Logan Paul.

The pair hosted the inaugural event at the 2022 Arnold Sports Festival last month and it’s starting to take off.

Paul said at the event: "It makes me so happy to be here right now. My dad took me to the Arnold 10 years ago. It’s so cool to be back here hosting Slap Fighting Championship. I was with the fighters yesterday. These guys are the toughest, burliest most brawny people you’ve ever seen in your life."

According to the official rules, slap fighting is three rounds and one slap per competitor in each one. Three judges mark the score and determine the winner by decision. But if a competitor is unable to continue 30 seconds after being slapped, that goes down as a knockout.

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