Female Russian fighters batter each other as press conference security step in

A Russian MMA fighter dropped her female rival with a brutal punch in a shocking press conference brawl.

Security – and the two presenters – had to step in to separate the pair before any more damage could be done heading into their scheduled meeting in the cage.

What seemed like a calm exchange between the two quickly escalated. The brunette said something which the blonde didn't like, and she made a beeline across the stage to her.

But while she had the upper hand and threw the first punch, it was her who ended up being sat down on the floor by a right hand which connected plush on her cheek.

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Onlookers rushed to break them up, but before they could arrive on the scene, the brunette then followed up with an even more savage knee to the face.

Admirably, the blonde managed to get back to her feet after absorbing the two strikes. Security carried her opponent away by the waist while she was ushered back to her seat.

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Despite all the commotion, she managed to remember the No. 1 rule of the fight game – never let them see you bleed. She calmly picked up her sunglasses which had been knocked off by the punch and placed them back on her head.

More words were exchanged across the studio while everyone caught their breath. The green-jacket wearing presenter looked particularly relieved that order had been restored.

MMA is far, far wilder in Russia than it is in the Western world – with promotions such as One Championship and Epic Fighting Championship putting on a whole variety of bonkers events which boggle the mind.

They include a porn star fighting a dwarf, a 55-year-old mum facing off against a scrawny 22-year-old man, and a bout taking place in a London phone box – to name just a few.

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