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Top 20 Most Interesting Basketball Facts 2024


Welcome to the world of basketball, a court of dreams where legendary players soar. This sport has a long history, so if you want to explore the fascinating realm of basketball this article is written for you. You can uncover the most interesting basketball facts lying beneath the surface of this amazing game. So, whether you are a die-hard fan of this game or a casual observer, you will be dazzled by the amazing things about basketball.

This article contains factual knowledge about the origin of the game, player achievements, and so on. It has brought all the important events and facts about the Basketball Association of America shaping its image in today’s world.

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Basketball Facts You Didn’t Know   

Playing basketball is not a piece of cake. It requires the skills, spirit, and endurance of the sportsman while playing for the national basketball league. This game is not limited to a ball, a basket, and a referee. So there are some most interesting basketball facts in NBA history which you were unaware of.

James Naismith Invented Basketball Sport

James Naismith, basketball player of all time is the founder of the basketball game. He belonged to the physical education department, he also wrote a book on basketball

Dribbling wasn’t Allowed in Professional Basketball

There was no act like dribbling was allowed in  the game. No player was able to advance the ball, instead, they had to throw it from where they caught the ball.

Basketball was Played with Soccer Ball

Basketball players used to play with soccer balls and peach baskets during the initial years of the game. When the player made the basket, the referee in the game retrieved the ball.

More Players Per Side in NBA Championship

There was no specified number of basketball players for each side’s first basketball. So,  there were a total of 18 players by default, meaning 9 players per team as done in the first match.

Referees Used Watches in Basketball Tournament

Timekeeping was the main and official duty of the referee at that time for the smooth operation of the game. Watches are used for game management, shot clock monitoring, end-of-quarter-time, and timeout management.

The Game was Short in International Basketball

Matches of basketball were shorter than modern-day matches if compared. The game often consisted of two 15-minute halves with 5 minutes of rest between halves.

Fouls Played and Disqualifying Rule 

Moves like shouldering, tripping, pushing, and holding were forbidden in the game. In 1910, the disqualifying rule was introduced for the player committing such offenses.

The 1979 NCAA Tournament birthed Basketball Icons

The college basketball game of 1979 in the tournament was most popular among spectators and has a rich history. It was played between Michigan State versus Indiana State, and there was a matchup between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.  

Possession Rules Changed in 1913 

In initial years the referee throws the out-of-bounds ball and the player who first touches it gets possession as per rule of basketball. This rule was changed in 1913 as it increased the number of players getting injured.

Michael Jordan Paid Fines for Wearing his Shoes

Michael Jordan’s iconic shoes, the Air Jordan Model 1 were against the NBA player’s dress code requiring white. So the legend had to pay a fine of $5000 for wearing those shoes because he did not want to play without those shoes

The NBA Used to be the BAA 

BBA was a prominent basketball league having a good grip on business but lagging behind managing teams. It was merged with another league named NBL and had a combined name as NBA ( National Basketball Association ).

The First Recorded Slam Dunk in 1936

This is a famous move of the game to score and is celebrated much today. But it was not the case before 1936 when a Texan named Joe Fortenberry first recorded this Slam Dunk move.

The First African-American Coach Appeared in 1966

The NBA did not hire any black coaches for its teams in the beginning of basketball. The Boston Celtics hired the first African American coach Bill Russell, a professional player in 1966.

The Official Women’s League Formed in 1978

The women’s basketball team was included as a part of the Olympic Games in 1976 and abounded within the next few years. The American basketball league created its own women’s basketball league in 1978.

The Three-Point Line Did Not Exist Until 1979

The Three-Point Line was not introduced before 1979. Now it is considered to be the staple of NBA basketball and its current location is 23 feet 9 inches from the hoop.

The Tallest NBA Player Was 7-foot-7-inches

All the players of basketball are mostly tall making it a famous game.Gheorghe Mureșan was the tallest player of basketball, played from 1993-200, his height was 7 feet 7 inches.

The Shortest NBA Player Was 5-foot-3-inches

The short heighted player of basketball wasTyrone Muggsy”. He was an amazing player and known for his short height 5 feet and 3 inches among all basketball players.

The Shortest Time Spent in Game is 3.9 Seconds 

A competent player of basketball Jameson Curry played a very short time in the game. He spent 3.9 seconds with the Los Angeles Clippers in the basketball hall.

The Harlem Globetrotters Win Against the Washington Generals

The team named Washington Generals is not considered as a standard team when compared with the team Harlem Globetrotters. It has won only 4 games against the Harlem Globetrotters over almost 16000 NBA games of basketball.

Canada Pioneered the game outside America

Canada was the first country to play basketball outside of the United States. The most significant contributor to basketball was Dr. James Naismith, a physical education instructor who belongs to Canada.


What is an interesting fact about basketball?

The most amazing fact in the history of basketball was that the first backboard used for playing basketball was made of a peach basket and a ladder.

What is the most important fact about the NBA basketball team?

Air Jordan NBA player was once banned from the NBA basketball team.

Basketball was invented by whom?

Dr. James Naismith was the first person who started basketball.

How many players are there in basketball?

Each team has five players on the basketball team.

How many basketball games are held in a season?

It depends upon the structure of basketball leagues and level of competition.

Does basketball make you taller?

You can assume that physical activity like basketball makes you taller but unfortunately it is not the case actually.

What is the average NBA player height?

The average height of an NBA player is about 6’6.


In brief, basketball facts are very interesting and impressive. Whether these are related to players, leagues, or occasions, they are fascinating for all those who are enthusiastic about this game. Still, there is more to learn and get yourself aware of this game. As we want to help you in this regard, you can follow us to get updated.

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