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14 Basketball Fundamentals You Need for Team Success 2024

Whether you are a novice wishing to step onto the court or an experienced player aiming to refine your skills, you need to understand the basics of that game. So, if you are interested in basketball, then you have to learn about the fundamentals of basketball.   

Why It’s Important to Focus on Basketball Fundamentals

The basketball basics move help the player boost confidence and sharpen muscle memory. These are the gateways opening up many winning opportunities. The chance of team success increases by mastering these basic skills. The players can level up their skills by applying these regularly. 

The Importance of Basketball Fundamentals for Beginners

Beginners who want to excel in basketball should learn by practicing basic drills of basketball. It will assist them in their character development as a player and brighten their minds regarding game techniques. Proper learning assists in injury prevention. It enables players to prevent themselves from becoming victims of detrimental habits.

Basketball Fundamentals

What Are the Fundamentals of Basketball?

The young players absorb the basic skills of basketball at the school level from their coaches during periods of physical education. At the same time, professional players like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson warm up themselves pre-game by executing basic drills. All successful players prioritize learning these because this is the game that requires prior knowledge for their on-court performance.

A comprehensive list of all key fundamental skills of basketball is provided in this article. You can read the full article to acknowledge yourself about the basic moves of the game setting a stage for rewarding journeys for every player. 

Here are the Key Basketball Fundamentals That Will Make You a Better Coach or Player

There is a list of basketball drills forming the backbone of the game which every player and coach should know before playing the game. These skills are categorized into two main categories i.e. offensive skills and defensive skills.

Basketball Offense Fundamentals

There is a myriad of basketball offense fundamentals for youth to learn. 


It is an essential fundamental drill to win games using the right technique, for instance, the NBA shooting percentage is around 47%. This drill includes hand placement, absolute stance, and distant shooting skills. 

Dribbling and Ball-Handling 

All players must learn how to dribble well to control the ball as research proves that dribbling improves ball handling.They are taught about basic moves of dribbling like with right hand, left hand, crossover, and head up.


It improves the decision-making ability of players to make an effective pass as an art. There are various kinds of passes i.e. overhead pass, chest pass, and bounce pass. 

Offensive Rebounding 

The offensive player leans to grab the missed goal attempt by their team. It turns the missed shots into chances for the team to win the game.


It is the technique of helping players to step up and land on both feet. It helps other players too in carrying up jump shots i.e. layups and slam dunks. 

Big Man Post Play

The position of post player proves to be the game changer and has an impact like Bill Russell. He can learn how to encounter and come back consecutively even after getting hit without the ball. 

Basketball Guard Development

It is the most complex side of basketball. The guard player has to fulfil many responsibilities from shooting and handling to pausing and playing defence.

Perimeter Play

There are many aspects of perimeter play learned by the player. A good perimeter play should have shooting, driving and defensive ability, and rebounding.


Screening benefits the whole team by opening up the game. The player sets up the screen by faking the opposite direction leaning the defender in the wrong direction. 

Set & Use A Pick

This drill provides scoring opportunities to the team. The player will throw the opponent into trouble by setting and using pick properly. 

Basketball defence fundamentals

The defensive rules of basketball for beginners and experts are listed below. 


The player learns to protect himself/herself against an opponent if faced with one-on-one situations. The player gets to know about the defensive stance in half-court or full-court games.

Defensive Rebounding

Defensive rebounding teaches the player how to catch the field goal missed by the player on the offensive side. It enables the players to use their bodies and block the opponent. 


It allows the player to encounter the opponent while maintaining balance.  It includes backpedalling, foot placement, and weight distribution. 


The game is a transition between defenders and offenders. The defender runs after the offender during fast breaks so that he may prevent an easy dunk. 

Mental Aspects:

There are some mental aspects that every player should consider and avoid pitfalls. The player should not: 

  • fail classes
  • Skip workout
  • Coast during practice
  • Do Cheating and dodging
  • Disrupt the game
  • Forget moral values
  • Make lame excuses

What Are the fundamentals/rules of basketball?

The fundamentals/rules of basketball are shooting, dribbling, running, and jumping.

Why is it important to learn the basic basketball skills?

These fundamentals help the player to be more suitable for the given position or role.

How can I improve my basketball fundamentals?

You can improve these skills by prioritizing and practicing them regularly.

What is the first basic skill to be learned in basketball?

Dribbling is the first skill that every player should learn at first.

Final Verdict 

In a nutshell, we have listed the rules of basketball with explanations.  These are the building blocks of real game practices. Some coaches only prefer those fundamentals that are associated with their given position. It is not a beneficial practice; the player should apply all these regular drills before landing on the court. 

If you want to touch the heights of success in any game, you should start learning from scratch. Follow our site for more insights into basketball fundamentals for youth.

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