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10 Best Basketball Exercise Workout for Players 2024


People love basketball for a lot of reasons, and one of them is basketball exercise/workout. No matter whether you are a national player of the NBA or a newbie desiring to get into it, basketball is fun for all. It is a game of physical activities that helps you boost your endurance, coordination, and balance. It demands a highly refined combination of players’ skills i.e. strength, agility, explosive power, and speed.

Basketball training is very important to unlock the potential of players and give them a competitive edge on the court. It helps the players prevent injuries such as sprained ankles, sprained ACLs, and chronic back problems on the court. In this blog, we have discussed the top 10 best workouts for players to enhance performance and improve basketball skills.

10 Best Strength Exercises for Basketball Training

There are the top best workouts for basketball enabling you to improve your strengths and reduce the risk of getting injured on the playing field. A good basketball strength workout is a serious calorie burner as NBA players do 3-4 hours daily workout. If you are confused about where to find the valuable basketball weights workout for skills development just see the section below:

basketball exercise workout

Lateral Lunge 

The lateral lunch is necessary for defensive or side-side shuffling motion as well as for opening the hip muscles. Stand up on your feet, keep your chest up, lower the body in a stepping direction, and press through the feet. You should complete 3 steps having 8 to 12 reps. The beginner players should use their body weights.

Physio Ball Leg Curl

It stimulates the leaping ability of the players by keeping the hips extended and widened. Lie on the mat, stretch your arms, extend your legs to touch the ball, and roll the ball. Repeat the physio ball leg curl 8-12 reps. Stay focused, do not touch your hips to the ground and add it to your basketball workout plan or training program.

Glute Bridge

This workout helps you to improve your firing drill and muscle-recruitment patterns for boosting jumping power whether you’re a beginner or experienced athlete. Lay on the ground, hold a weight to your hips, raise your hips, squeeze your glutes, and brace the core. After doing this, now return to the starting position slowly. Do 3 sets of 8-12 reps of this during basketball weight training.

Medicine Ball Squat to Press

It is a favourite drill of many players and helps in bending and exploding during the jumping motion of a basketball game. Stand on your feet, hold a medicine ball, lower your body into a squat, come to a standing position, lower the ball, and come to a formal position. stronger core and stronger legs help to enhance the ability of players to dribble. Complete 3 steps having 12 reps.

Split Squat with Medicine Ball Toss

It increases muscle stability and helps to target one leg. Stand on one foot, hold a ball, lower the body into a squat, toss the ball into the air, catch the ball, and return it to chest height. You have to complete 3 steps of 8 reps. The explosive exercise of this makes it a killer basketball cardio workout and builds strength.

Goblet Squat

 It is important for lower body development. Hold a kettle, squat by sitting on your hips, keep the weights into heels, and maintain a balance between the kettle and chest. Rise and extend through the hips and repeat 10 reps. It is very effective for building power in the back, shoulder, and hamstrings as well as for the development of the lower body as trainer Ken Croner says “You have to get the lower body stronger so it can absorb force”.

Romanian Deadlift (RDL)

It makes your hamstrings, glutes, and back strong and flexible for higher jumping moves. Stand on your feet, dumbbell, keep or maintain a straight back, shift your hips back, and lower the dumbbell.  Now fire the hamstrings while returning to the starting position. Practice 10 reps of this for basketball strength training.

Pull Ups

Pull-ups are the gold standard hypertrophic exercise to help you in pushing movements during basketball matches. They direct muscles and contribute to upper body shaping. Three main pull-up grips are Overhand grip, underhand grip, and neutral grip. Neutral grip pull-ups are easy to do: standing on your feet, keeping your head straight and pulling up until the chin gets higher than the bars, and finally exhaling.

High Hang Power Clean 

High Hang power cleans is an indispensable exercise and it boosts the level of strength and coordination. It engages all the muscles and promotes power production resulting in enhanced acceleration during the match. Bend at hips, bring your elbow forward and bar up, keep your body in a squat position, rise to a standing position, and lower the bar. It trains and allows the player for a more aggressive and active turnaround.

TRX Side Plank 

It is the core workout exercise that stabilizes your shoulder, hips, and obliques to have balanced movement. It starts at mid-length by placing toes through feet, cradles, and hips sack, lifting the hips, aligning them with shoulders, and keeping your body straight. TRX side planks optimize sports performance and may indirectly help to rebound the ball. It helps lessen the risk of injury in the court.

Key Factors In Basketball Player’s Training Routine 

Some essential factors play a crucial role in the training routine of basketball enthusiasts. These factors are diet and nutrition, training variations, dedication, and rest. Every player should consider these aspects before starting any workout or training program.  

Pro Tip: Avoid Overtraining 

The players can pick any drill suiting their physical capabilities to do the basketball workout. Keep your body warm and do not overburden yourself due to much weight room exercise. You should be sure about what you are doing and how your body is responding.


How Often do Basketball Enthusiasts Lift Weights?

An average basketball player spends around 3 days lifting weights and doing more exercise during the off-season.

Do NBA Players Lift Weights On Game Day?

No,  players stop lifting weights 2 days before the match.

What are the Benefits of Training? 

Training helps the player in ball handling and proper footwork techniques.

What is Strength and Conditioning in Basketball?

It is focused on speed, agility, and muscular strength to enhance capacity.

Final Verdict

There are many exercises which the basketball player can mix to train themselves. By incorporating these workout plans into your daily routine, you will be able to run faster and jump higher in the game. When the player completes his/her workout he/she should take a rest. Keep visiting our site to have more productive information about the athleticism of basketball professionals.

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